Viterra Blizzard Program

An 8-week program to learn the basics of curling with 90 minute lesson plans targeted for ages 6-12. This program is built on a recreational, not competitive, level and its main goal is to show kids what curling is all about while teaching them to appreciate the sport.

Funding is available for clubs who run the Viterra Blizzard program. Click below for more information on how to get started.

Viterra Clinics

The Viterra Youth & School Clinics have been supported by both CURLSASK and Viterra in developing the sport of curling within youth across the province of Saskatchewan. CURLSASK provides hosting grants for these clinics to help the local curling club cover costs of CURLSASK instructors, ice rental, equipment, and any other material needed to help put on a successful clinic for the participants.Clinic templates are available for 2 hour, 1 day and 2 day clinics with available instructor training. Click below for more information on how to get started.

U15 - U21 Skill Development Program Provided by Passion Curling

This structured program for young people 21 and under will allow them to learn the basics of curling while having fun playing the sport. The U15 to U21 Curling Skills Development Program Instructor Reference Guide includes a description of basic techniques, a 20-week course plan, skill assessment grids and an exercise bank for both on and off ice training. Participants will work towards the accumulation of ten badges that demonstrate their ability on a competency evaluation system.

Hit Draw Tap

Hit Draw Tap (HDT) is a youth skills competition where kids age 6-13 compete individually against other youth curlers across the province of Saskatchewan. HDT will accompany three different age categories where they will perform three different skill based shots, a “Hit”, a “Draw”, & a “Tap”.

U15 Singles

Another exciting new discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada. As its name suggests, curlers compete as individual throwers when playing Singles. However, like all other disciplines, Singles curlers still have the support of sweeper(s) and a line-caller to assist them in executing shots.

Triples Curling

This is an exciting new discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada. As its name suggests, curlers compete in teams of 3 when playing Triples. All ends consist of 6 rocks thrown per team, with each player throwing 2 rocks. Triples games consist of 3 ‘Sets’ of 2 ends each. Each Set can be seen as a 2- End ‘Mini-Game’, with each team playing with the hammer for one of these ends and without the hammer for the other. The team scoring the most points after these 2 ends wins that Set.

U15 & U18 Spiels

CURLSASK is excited to continue the U15 & U18 bonspiel circuit. These bonspiels were established to make sure younger curlers could play against curlers their own age. CURLSASK spiels reflect participation, FUN! and learning.

Prairieland Curling Camp Series

CURLSASK’s Prairieland Curling Camp has been a fixture on the Saskatchewan summer scene since 1986.  The Camp is poised to return in 2021 with a new look – stay tuned for more updates soon.

Long Term Athlete Development

LTAD Manual – includes both FUN:)CURL & Long Term Athlete Development Material

Member Cost – $75.00 + GST
Non-Member Cost – $125.00 + GST

FUN:)CURL Manual – includes outlines of 2 hour mini clinics and a 6 week seasonal program

Member & Non-Member Cost – $30.00 + GST