Coming soon in the 2021-2022 season!

• U15 RockFest West, Prairie, East and Atlantic events will be held in March 2022 (locations TBD).
• Athletes will participate in both Singles and Triples in the Regional events. Participants must pay their own expenses.
• Any athlete 14 years of age or less on June 30, 2021, will be able to register to have scores entered on our new Curling Canada Singles App for iOS and Android. Curling Canada’s Singles App will be launched in Fall of 2021.
• Curling Canada’s Singles App data will be used to determine athletes who will be eligible to compete at one of the four Regional U15 RockFest events.



Singles Curling is an exciting new discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada. As its’ name suggests, curlers compete as individual throwers when playing Singles. However, like all other disciplines, Singles curlers still have the support of sweeper(s) and a line-caller to assist them in executing their shots. Singles Curling involves a series of commonly played shots, with each shot being scored against pre-determined criteria. At the U15 level, the following 6 shots are included: Hit & Stay, Draw, Hit & Roll, Guard, Peel, and Draw-Around. Each of these shots is played with both turns, which generates 12 attempts for each Singles curler.



This is an exciting new discipline that has been developed by Curling Canada. As its name suggests, curlers compete in teams of 3 when playing Triples. All ends consist of 6 rocks thrown per team, with each player throwing 2 rocks. Triples games consist of 3 ‘Sets’ of 2 ends each. Each Set can be seen as a 2- End ‘Mini-Game’, with each team playing with the hammer for one of these ends and without the hammer for the other. The team scoring the most points after these 2 ends wins that Set.