Sept. 29 – Oct. 1, 2017 ~ Regina Highland (16 teams, 6 qualifiers)

Oct. 6 – Oct. 8, 2017 ~ Regina Callie Rocktoberfest (24 teams, 8 qualifiers)

Oct. 27 – Oct. 29, 2017 ~ Saskatoon Nutana (TBD)

Nov. 3 – Nov. 5, 2017 ~ Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre (16 teams, 6 qualifiers)

Mar. 9 – Mar. 11, 2018 ~ Humboldt Curling Club (Teams TBD)


The SWCT events are open to women’s teams of all ages, including Under-18, Junior, Travellers, Women, Senior and Masters teams from across Saskatchewan. Entry fee for all events is $420/team.

SWCT Registration Form
CURLSASK Event Participation Agreement (email to CURLSASK) – PDF DOWNLOAD HERE.

EventDatesContactContact PhoneContact EmailSWCT Liaison
Regina Highland SpielSept. 29 - Oct. 1, 2017Dave Loos306.543.8600highlandcurlingclub@accesscomm.caJenna Hope
Regina Callie Rocktoberfest SpielOct. 6 - Oct. 8, 2017Dean Moulding306.525.8171info@callieclub.comKrista Fesser
Saskatoon Nutana SpielOct. 27 - 29, 2017Kory Kohuch306.374.2422gman@nutanacurlingclub.caAlyssa Despins
Moose Jaw Ford Curling Center SpielNov. 3 - Nov. 5, 2017Danielle Sicinski(306) 624-2048DSicinski@mosaicplace.caDanielle Sicinski

In order for teams to be eligible for the accumulation of points toward either the SWCT or CTRS Saskatchewan Provincial berths, each team must register for the Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) through Curling Canada (CC). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR CTRS

To register for CURLSASK Women’s Playdowns, teams must complete the following online registration via Curling I/O: CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR CURLSASK WOMEN’S PLAYDOWNS  Teams must register by November 1 with CURLSASK to accumulate all points for the season (both SWCT & CTRS) towards berths and standings in playdowns. Any team registering with CURLSASK after November 1, will accumulate points from date of registration forward.

Teams wishing to earn points through the CTRS or SWCT Berths must have three (3) of four registered players (as submitted to CURLSASK via the SWCT registration form) competing in all SWCT events.

  • play the position of the indisposed player or lower.
  • not have competed in the same event with another team

Please refer to the CURLSASK Women’s Competition section as well as Curling Canada’s CTRS Competition Section for all rules governing competition.

2017-2018 Standings/Berths

EventQualified Team
CTRS Berth #1Team Penny Barker
CTRS Berth #2Team Chantelle Eberle
CTRS Berth #3Team Robyn Silvernagle
SWCT ChampionTeam Nancy Martin
SWCT Runner UpTeam Ashley Howard
CURLSASK Challenge ChampionTeam Amber Holland
CURLSASK Challenge Runner-up Team Sherry Anderson
CURLSASK Last Chance Qualifier 1Team Candace Chisholm
CURLSASK Last Chance Qualifier 2Team Stefanie Lawton

SWCT Standings (including Provincial Berth Standings)
as of November 1, 2017

The top finishing registered team* on the SWCT receives a berth to the Viterra Scotties Provincial Women’s. SWCT Points are given as follows:
1st Place ~ 10 points
2nd Place ~ 7 points
3/4 Place ~ 5 points
5 to 8 Place ~ 3 points

Standings posted are unofficial. If errors are noticed, please contact: SWCT Committee
Event Summary
Eberle, Chantelle25Regina Highland SWCT - 1st Place
Regina Callie SWCT - 5-8th Place
Saskatoon SWCT - 2nd Place
Moose Jaw SWCT - 3/4 Place
Barker, Penny23Regina Callie SWCT - 1st Place
Saskatoon SWCT - 5-8th Place
Moose Jaw SWCT - 1st Place
Martin, Nancy10Saskatoon SWCT - 1st Place
Williamson, Rae Ann10Regina Highland SWCT - 5-8th Place
Regina Callie SWCT - 2nd Place
Howard, Ashley10Saskatoon SWCT - 5-8th Place
Moose Jaw SWCT - 2nd Place
Chisholm, Candace7Regina Highland SWCT - 2nd Place
Lawton, Stefanie5Saskatoon SWCT - 3/4th Place
Anderson, Sherry5Saskatoon SWCT - 3/4 Place
Fritzker, Rachel5Moose Jaw SWCT - 3/4 Place
Zankl, Tegan3Regina Highland SWCT - 5-8th Place
Erickson, Rachel3Regina Callie SWCT - 5-8th Place
Selzer, Mandy3Moose Jaw SWCT -
5-8th Place

CTRS Standings (for Provincial Berth)
as of November 1, 2017

The top three (3) Saskatchewan registered teams* on the CTRS receive berths to the Viterra Scotties Tournament of Hearts Provincial Women’s. The CTRS Points and Calculations can be found on the Curling Canada Website.

Barker, Penny90.60890.608
Eberle, Chantelle69.15969.159
Silvernagle, Robyn62.55262.552
Howard, Ashley41.35841.358
Chisholm, Candace39.74939.749
Lawton, Stefanie37.35037.350
Martin, Nancy30.27330.273
Holland, Amber25.31425.314
Fritzler, Rachel22.67722.677
Williamson, Rae Ann22.24222.242
Selzer, Mandy21.30421.304
Barber, Brett14.67514.675
Anderson, Sherry13.77713.777
Kitz, Chaelynn11.28011.280
Hersikorn, Patty10.32310.323
Todd, Stephanie9.9029.902
Paulsen, Trish8.1838.183
Ryde, Rebecca8.1838.183
Zankl, Tegan7.9627.962
Erickson, Rachel7.1077.107
Fleming, Shalon3.6483.648
Thevenot, Ashley0.8070.807
Tracey, Danette0.3980.398
England, Sara0.3350.335

*Registered Team = registered both in CTRS AND CURLSASK Women’s Playdowns. See Registration Tab.

Teams that register by November 1 with CURLSASK will accumulate all points for the season. Any team registering with CURLSASK after November 1, will accumulate points from date of registration forward.

Saskatchewan Women’s Curling Tour Bonspiel Requirements

  1. All events will be based on a pool format, followed by a playoff system to determine the champion.
  2. Events will run from Friday afternoon to Sunday.
  3. Teams will be accepted into the event on a first-come, first-serve, paid deposit basis. The deposit is the entry fee of $420/team.
  4. SWCT fees of $20/team will be included in each team’s entry fee (of $420) and submitted by the Event Coordinators to the SWCT.
  5. Minimum prize purse must equal number of participating teams multiplied by $300 to meet CTRS requirements. Recommended that the 5th and 6th place payout be a minimum of $700.
  6. By Wednesday of the week following the event, the Bonspiel Committee/Event Coordinator must remit payment of SWCT fees ($20/team) to the SWCT Treasurer. Upon submission of fees, please include each participating team roster.
  7. Bonspiel Committee/Event Coordinator will be responsible for displaying any applicable sponsors of the SWCT.
  8. Bonspiel Committee/Event Coordinator will be responsible for registering the event and submitting final event results for CTRS point purposes.
  9. Bonspiel Committee/Event Coordinator will be responsible for posting end by end results on
  10. It is up to the local curling club if they wish to sweep the ice and/or pebble prior to the start of the game.

Saskatchewan Women’s Curling Tour Rules

  1. All teams will be required to comply with Curling Canada’s Brushing Moratorium at SWCT events. Failure to do so will result in no points (SWCT or CTRS) being awarded to the offending team.
  2. Pre-Game Practice and Determination of hammer (last rock):
    • 20 minutes prior to the start of each game, the two competing teams will flip a coin. The winner of the coin toss will select either rock color or practice (first or second). First practice will take place 15 minutes prior to game time.  Any player may throw the LSD and may throw all LSD’s if desired.
    • During the practice, each player will be able to throw one rock up and one rock back. Once each player of the first practice has thrown one rock up and one rock back, they will take one rock back and use that rock to draw to the button. The third will use a tape measure to determine the distance of the rock from the button and both opposing thirds must agree on the positioning prior to moving the rock.
    • Immediately following the first practice, the team throwing second practice will throw one rock up and one rock back. The second practice team will then take one rock to the other end to throw their draw to the button. Again both thirds must be present and agree on which rock was closer. The third will use a tape measure to determine the distance of the rock from the button and both opposing thirds must agree on the positioning prior to moving the rock.
    • Should a team cover the pin when drawing for hammer on their first throw, another player on that team will re-throw once confirmation is received from the opposing team. If both teams cover the pin twice, a coin toss will be used to determine last rock.
  3. For playoffs, the team that finished the round-robin with the best W-L record will have choice of rock color or hammer. The team who has the hammer will have the first practice. In the event that the two teams finished the round-robin with the same record, they will perform the coin toss to determine practice and rock color, and perform the LSD for hammer, just as was done in the round-robin play.
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Committee Members
Erin Selzer
Alyssa Despins
Jenna Hope
Krista Fesser
Danielle Sicinski

Second Natalie Bloomfield (left) & lead Kristy Johnson (right) (Photo, Devan Tasa/Tisdale Recorder).

Skip Chantelle Eberle (Photo, Devan Tasa/Tisdale Recorder).