October 13-15, 2017 ~ Saskatoon Nutana Curling Club

November 3-5, 2017 ~ Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre (SCT Point available, but no direct berth into SaskTel Tankard Provincial)

November 10-12, 2017 ~ Regina Highland Curling Club

December 1-3, 2017 ~ Estevan Power Dodge Curling Centre

December 8-10, 2017 ~ Farmers Edge SCT – Wadena Curling Club

January 5-7, 2018 ~ Swift Current Curling Club (Saskatchewan Player’s Championship)

Team Registration

In order to register for an event on the Saskatchewan Curling Tour – please download and complete the Registration Form and send it to the appropriate event, along with the registration fee.


CURLSASK Event Participation Agreement Form (email to CURLSASK) – PDF DOWNLOAD HERE.

EventDatesAddressContact PhoneContact EmailEntry Deadline
Saskatoon NutanaOct. 13-15, 20172002 Arlington Ave
Saskatoon, S7J 2H5
306.374.2422gman@nutanacurlingclub.caOct. 2
Moose JawNov. 3-5, 2017110 1stAve NW, Moose Jaw, S6H 0Y8306.624.2048dsicinski@mosaicplace.caOct. 23 - No direct entry to Provincials
Regina HighlandNov. 10-12, 2017348 Broad Street
Regina, S4R 1W9
306.543.8600highlandcurlingclub@accesscomm.caOct. 30
EstevanDec. 1-3, 2017811 Souris Ave
Estevan, S4A 1G8
306.634.3391estevancurling@accesscomm.caNov. 20
Wadena - Farmers Edge SCT SuperspielDec.8-10, 2017317 2nd Ave
Wadena, S0A 4J0
306.338.9632wadenacc@gmail.comNov. 27
Swift Current Curling Club -
Saskatchewan Player's Championship
Jan. 5-7, 20182001 Chaplin Street East, Swift Current, S9H 5A8306.773.4001sccurlingclub@sasktel.netInvite Only

Teams wanting to earn a Provincial Berth and accumulate points toward the SCT Provincial Berth must register for Men’s Playdowns through CURLSASK on-line registration.

For teams to be eligible for a Provincial Berth available at each SCT event, the team must register for Men’s Playdowns with CURLSASK by the entry deadline for the event.

Teams wanting to accumulate of points toward either the CTRS Saskatchewan Provincial berths, must register for the Canadian Team Ranking System (CTRS) through Curling Canada (CC). CLICK HERE TO REGISTER YOUR TEAM FOR CTRS

Teams that register by November 1 with CURLSASK will accumulate all points for the season for the SCT Berth and CTRS Berths. Any team registering with CURLSASK after November 1, will accumulate points from date of registration forward.

2017-2018 Standings/Berths

Provincial Berth Summary:

EventQualified Team
SCT Bonspiel - Saskatoon Nutana Curling ClubGedak, Brent
SCT Bonspiel - Regina Highland Curling ClubDeis, Ryan
SCT Bonspiel - Estevan Power Dodge Curling CentreBitz, Scott
Farmers Edge SCT Superspiel - Wadena Curling ClubHartung, Jeff
SCT Players Championship - Swift Current Curling ClubCasey, Adam
CTRS Berth #1Flasch, Colton
CTRS Berth #2Laycock, Steve
CTRS Berth #3Heidt, Josh
CTRS Berth #4DeConinck Smith, Carl
SCT Tour BerthJacobson, Jason
Northern Playdown's Berth #1Heidt, Drew
Northern Playdown's Berth #2Kendel, Brady
Northern Playdown's Berth #3Shutra, Aaron
Southern Playdown's Berth #1Stewart, Brayden
Southern Playdown's Berth #2Bryden, Randy
Southern Playdown's Berth #3Selke, Daniel
Provincial Berth spots are allocated in the following order: 1) SCT Provincial Berth Bonspiels, 2) Players Championship Winner, 3) CTRS Berths, 4) SCT Tour Berth

SCT Standings (including Provincial Berth Standings)
as of January 3, 2018

SCT Points are given as follows:
1st Place ~ 10 points
2nd Place ~ 7 points
3/4 Place ~ 5 points
5 to 8 Place ~ 3 points

Standings posted are unofficial. If errors are noticed, please contact: SCPA Board
TeamSCT PointsEvent Summary
Gedak, Brent27Saskatoon SCT - 2nd Place
Moose Jaw SCT - 1st Place
Estevan SCT - 3/4 Place
Tour Championship - 3/4
Deis, Ryan23Regina Highland SCT - 1st Place
Estevan SCT - 3/4 Place
Wadena SCT - 3/4 Place
Tour Championship - 5/6
Jacobson, Jason18Saskatoon SCT - 5-8th Place
Moose Jaw SCT - 2nd Place
Regina Highland SCT - 3/4 Place
Estevan SCT - 5-8th Place
Bitz, Scott17Regina Highland SCT - 2nd Place
Estevan SCT - 5-8th Place
Craig, Dale15Saskatoon SCT - 1st Place
Tour Championship - 3/4
Vollman, Shane11Saskatoon SCT - 3/4 Place
Regina Highland SCT - 5-8th Place
Estevan SCT - 5-8th Place
Hartung, Jeff10Wadena SCT - 1st Place
Casey, Adam10Tour Championship - 1st
Bryden, Randy10Regina Highland SCT - 5-8th Place
Estevan SCT - 2nd Place
Chambers, Jeff7Wadena SCT - 2nd Place
Laycock, Steve7Tour Championship - 2nd
Comfort, Scott6Moose Jaw SCT - 5-8th Place
Wadena SCT - 5-8 Place
deConinck Smith, Carl5Saskatoon SCT - 3/4 Place
Selke, Daniel5Moose Jaw SCT - 3/4 Place
Tokarz, Travis5Moose Jaw SCT - 3/4 Place
Heidt, Drew5Wadena SCT - 3/4 Place
Stewart, Brayden3Saskatoon SCT - 5-8th Place
Armstrong, Ryan3Moose Jaw SCT - 5-8th Place
Armstrong, Mike3Regina Highland SCT - 5-8th Place
Funk, Trevor3Regina Highland SCT - 5-8th Place
Carss, Michael3Wadena SCT - 5-8 Place
Heidt, Josh3Tour Championship - 5/6

CTRS Standings (for Provincial Berth)
as of January 3, 2018

CTRS Points and Calculations can be found on the Curling Canada Website.

Flasch, Colton121.491121.491
Casey, Adam80.36180.361
Laycock, Steve78.14378.143
Heidt, Josh46.08946.089
deConinck Smith, Carl41.26441.264
Jacobson, Jason32.98432.984
Deis, Ryan32.73232.732
Gedak, Brent30.75630.756
Vollman, Shane21.31621.316
Ackerman, Jason20.64820.648
Bryden, Randy18.72918.729
Heidt, Brad17.76917.769
Craig, Dale14.68514.685
Hartung, Jeff14.50514.505
Heidt, Drew11.53311.533
Comfort, Scott9.5669.566
Chambers, Jeff9.3579.357
Stewart, Brayden8.3808.380
Kleiter, Rylan3.7613.761
Ackerman, Carson1.1521.152
Kendel, Brady0.3040.304
Holm, Lionel0.3040.304

*Registered Team = registered both in CTRS AND CURLSASK Men’s Playdowns. See Registration Tab.
Teams wanting to be eligible for a Provincial Berth available at each SCT event, the team must register for Men’s Playdowns with CURLSASK by the entry deadline for the event.
Teams that register by November 1 with CURLSASK will accumulate all points for the season.
Any team registering with CURLSASK after November 1, will accumulate points from date of registration forward.

Bonspiel Requirements/Rules

NEW: All teams will be required to comply with Curling Canada’s Brushing Moratorium at SCT events.

1. Points System and Registration

a) 10 points for first, 7 points for second, 5 points for 3rd and 4th, 3 points for 5th through 8th.

To accumulate points for either the SCT or CTRS tankard spots, each team must register the following information with the SCPA and CURLSASK by noon on November 1. This information must include the following: team personnel, position, and home club.

b) To accumulate points, three of four original members must be present at the spiel. A single substitute is allowed but must play the position of the disposed player or lower. The switching of positions between team members is allowed. The use of ineligible players will result in forfeiture of points. In order to maintain points, eligible substitutes must:

  • reside within CURLSASK boundaries
  • be a member in good standing of a member club of CURLSASK.
  • play the position of the indisposed player or lower.
  • not have competed in the same event with another team

c) New teams can be registered at any point throughout the year; however, no points will be brought forward.

d) Teams that enter Playdowns must play out of their designated club.

e) To accumulate points, a minimum of 4 ends must be played in bonspiel finals.

f) In extenuating circumstances a SCPA executive member must be consulted to rule before a game is cancelled. Any final not played due to weather, injury, etc…, that has been approved by an executive member, will result in the prize money to be split and ONLY 7 points awarded to each team (NO first place points will be awarded).

g) In the event one team defaults a final they will receive 5 points only, ONLY second place money and the other team will receive 10 points and ALL of the first prize money. If both teams decide to NOT play without prior approval from the SCPA Executive both teams will be awarded 5 points and ONLY second place money will be awarded to both teams. Extra money is to go to the bonspiel committee. Under any circumstance, if the first place money is split, NO TEAM shall be awarded 10 points.

 2. Bonspiel Requirements

Please take note of the items in bold, as they are new or important.

a) Triple knockout or modified double knockout draw. Draws will be completed by a member of the SCPA Executive committee.

b) Entry fees for all events will be at least $550 and include a $50 SCPA fee. The entry fee must be paid in full upon registration for an event. A team will not be considered entered into the bonspiel until the entry fee is received by the organizing committee of the host club. Registration forms will be available at any host club.

c) Refunds will not be given to teams that drop out after Friday the week before the event or to teams that fail to show up for an event without the approval from both the host club and the SCPA.

d) There is no minimum or maximum number of entries.

e) Minimum prize purse of 100% of entry fee (not including SCT fees)

f) By noon the following day the host bonspiel must return the “results” page to the SCPA for reporting on the Points Race to CURLASK, media,etc.

g) By Wednesday of the following week host clubs must remit payment of SCT fees collected to the SCPA’s designated contact.

h) If the event qualifies for Curling Canada’s CTRS standings, the bonspiel committee is encouraged to submit these results to the CTRS committee.

 3. Rules

a) All games will be 8 ends. Extra end (s) to be played in event of a tie.

b) For non-playoff games, a coin toss will take place 20 minutes prior to the start of each game. Team on the top of the draw to call. Winner of the toss can take choice of practice time (1st or 2nd) OR rock color. Loser of toss to choose from remaining options.

c) For non-playoff games, practice time will consist of EACH player throwing 1 rock up and 1 rock back. At the conclusion of these 8 rocks, the team will choose 1 player to throw a draw to the button towards the home end with full sweeping. The rock will be measured, from 0” (0cm) (covering the pinhole) to 12 feet (185.4cm). The team with the shortest distance will receive hammer in the 1st end.

d) For non-playoff games, if the team with first practice records a distance of 0 or 185.4cm, another player from that team (different from 1st player) shall throw one more stone to record a second distance to be used if ties occur. If the second player to deliver records a distance of 0 or 185.4cm, another player will deliver a 3rd stone to be measured. In the event of a there being a tie after both teams have thrown 3 draws a coin toss will determine hammer with the team on the top of the draw calling.

e) For playoff games, if one team has fewer losses, they will have the choice of rocks or hammer, but not both. The other team will have the other choice. The team with hammer will practice first.

f) For playoff games, if both teams have the same number of losses, follow the same procedures as b), c), & d) above

g) Teams must have a minimum of 3 players present at their practice time or they will forfeit last rock in the first end of play. Someone must hold the broom for all measured draw attempts.

h) Access Communications may be televising the final and, in some cases, one semi-final of select events through the season. The list of clubs will follow when available. Skips and one other player may be asked to wear microphones and/or do post game interview; please comply with these requests.

i) Please ensure that a minimum of six ends are played in all televised games.

j)With television equipment being fixed for Access events, there will be cases where one semi-final and the final will be played on the same sheet. In these cases, the team in the final that did not just come off that sheet will be permitted an optional 10-minute practice with both sets of rocks on the final sheet at the conclusion of both semi-finals and prior to the sheet being prepared for the final. Both teams will then get the standard 4 rocks up and down practice prior to the final.

k) For all other rules consult the CURLSASK Men’s Competition Page.


SCPA Board

Saskatchewan Curlers Players Association

Contact Email – scpa.exec@gmail.com

Board of Directors for the SCPA for 2017-2018

President – Ryan Deis
Cell: 780.872.6179

Treasurer – Brady Scharback
Cell: 306-281-3131

Media Relations/Secretary – Kirk Muyres
Cell: 306-231-9305

Stats – Josh Heidt
Cell: 306-834-7779

Tour Liaison – Steve Laycock

Member at Large – Bob Sonder

Skip Colton Flasch (Photo, Wanda Harron Photography)

Lead Jake Ripplinger (left) & second Drew Springer (right) (Photo, Wanda Harron Photography)