The Blizzard program, level 1, was designed to promote sport and physical activity among children in elementary schools (6-12 years old). This program is built on a recreational, not competitive, level and its main goal is to show kids what curling is all about while teaching them to appreciate the sport.

Throughout this 8-week program, one lesson of 90 minutes per week, kids will gradually learn the basics of curling through adapted exercises and fun activities. There are on-ice instructors at all times to make it fun and safe!

Since 2016, Blizzard proved to be a great way to step into the sport and an excellent tool to foster junior players’ development.

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Kellyn Geiger

Amélie Blais
 +1 418 569 8426 (text available)

Blizzard Level 2 is aimed at kids from 6-12 years of age who graduated from the program’s first level. Designed under the same criteria, Level 2 is also divided into 8 weeks, one lesson of 90 minutes per week, and offers kids the opportunity to pursue their learnings about curling within a recreational program.

With the help of quality instructors, participants will continue to learn about the basics while incorporating some notions of strategies in curling.

Blizzard Level 2 can be used as a springboard for juniors interested in pursuing curling to a competitive level.