Coaches who complete the process will become Certified Competition Coach. The coaches will be able to prepare a team to compete in regional and provincial competitions. They will be proficient at planning and executing safe and efficient practices.

This process is divided into 5 steps:

  1. Making Ethical Decisions Workshop and Online Evaluation
  2. Sask Sport Respect in Sport Course (Online)
  3. Competition Coach Workshop (see our calendar)
  4. Submit a practice plan to CURLSASK
  5. On Ice Evaluation

Full detailed outline (step by step) for Competition Coach Certification, please click here.


Topics covered in a Competition Coach workshop:

  • Teaching & Learning Strategies
  • Strategy & Tactics
  • Delivery and Brushing Skills
  • Skill Analysis
  • Practice Planning, including Safety and EAP (Emergency Action Plan)
  • Drills to Correct

Duration of workshop: two consecutive days for a total of 15 hours

Cost: (all taxes included)

Competition Coach – $175.00

Making Ethical Decisions – $30.00

The course is offered on demand in any region of Saskatchewan with a minimum of 8 participants.

Consult our calendar to see the next scheduled courses

For additional information, visit the NCCP website HERE.

Coaching Association of Canada (NCCP)

CURLSASK recognizes the value of having certified NCCP coaches that are engaged in Professional Development programs that reinforce the values of lifelong learning and sharing amongst the coaching community.

In order for NCCP coaches to maintain their certified status, they will be required to obtain Professional Development (PD) points. PD points can be earned through a multitude of activities that coaches already participate in, including: national and provincial sport organization conferences and workshops, eLearning modules, NCCP workshops, coach mentorship programs, and active coaching. In most cases coaches are already earning their required PD points — Maintenance of Certification Status is simply the introduction of tracking these points and recognizing coaches for their efforts.

Log into The Locker, the National Coaching Certification Program database, for an up-to-date record of your PD points using the link at right. Within The Locker, you’ll find a “Maintenance” tab on the left hand side of your Certification page. Record your active coaching using the Self-Report button.