Belonging to the CURLSASK organization of curling clubs offers numerous and wide spread benefits for clubs and associate members. Benefits include the ability for clubs to apply for grants to assist with club operations, host important Provincial Playdown events, offer skills clinics to your club’s curlers or draw on the resources of the CURLSASK office to assist with club development.

Whether your club is small, large, competitive, recreational, urban or rural there are several great reasons to belong to Saskatchewan’s curling community of 130+ clubs and associations. Membership includes belonging to Curling Canada with access to all their great educational, club development, grant programs, Season of Champions and TSN broadcasts.

National Sport Trust Fund

Are you looking for a way to issue tax receipt to your members who donate their membership fees?

Through the National Sport Trust Fund your curling club can set up a project, such as club sustainability. It is a simple one page application that is sent to CURLSASK for approval. It takes 2-3 weeks for approval and you can solicit donations to your club and tax receipts will be issued to your donors.  To learn more contact

Dean Kleisinger
Fund Development Manager

Curling Assistance Programme (Curling Canada)

The Curling Assistance Programme’s purpose is to loan money to affiliated curling rinks. The loans are to assist capital projects or renovations in respect “Bricks & Mortar”.

Basic Information

  • The maximum loan available is $25,000. The minimum loan considered is $10,000.
  • On approval, Repayment of the loan and interest is made annually with the first payment due 18 months from receipt of loan and then amortized over a maximum of six years.
  • There is not any deadline for application. Clubs can apply anytime assuming there The association will offer a maximum of $125,000 per calendar year for the next four years (2019-2022)
  • “Bricks & Mortar loans” will be awarded to applications based on capital acquisitions or renovations necessary to build the business of curling at the community level. The following are some examples of projects considered eligible: 1) Refrigeration equipment; e. compressors, chillers, condensers; 2) Ice area; i.e. de-humidifiers, heaters, monitoring equipment, scrapers;
  • Renovations; e. lounge areas, accessibility, bar, kitchen; 1) New construction; e. new curling arenas, new lounge, another sheet of ice; 2) Curling stones; e. junior stones, new inserts, striking bandsNote: applications for loans are not necessarily restricted to the above.
  • Curl Moncton, the Fort Frances Curling Club in Fort Frances, Ont., and the Sydney Curling Club in Sydney, N.S., were each recipients of low-interest $25,000 loans from Curling Canada to improve their respective facilities during the 2018/19 season.
  • Applicants with cash reserves that are four or more times the value of their request may not be eligible to apply. However, exceptions could be made around bigger projects with multiple funders as example. If this is the case (or other possible exceptions) please contact Curling Canada before submitting.
  • We will not require any collateral to secure the loan.
  • Successful applicants will agree to share their story with Curling Canada.


For more information about the CAP program please follow the link below!

Community Rink Affordability Grant

Skating and curling rinks are integral to the creation of vibrant, active, and connected communities in Saskatchewan. These facilities play a critical role in health and wellness, at a time when that has never been more important. Recognizing the escalating operating costs communities and organizations face, SPRA has partnered with the Government of Saskatchewan to offer the Community Rink Affordability Grant.

A maximum of $2,500 will be available per ice surface to help offset the expenses in eligible indoor skating and curling rinks for the 2021-22 operating season.

Separate registrations will need to be completed for each ice-skating facility and curling facility.

  • Registration: Registrations Open October 15, 2021
  • Eligibility Information: Download
  • Inquiries and Support: