CURLSASK Membership Categories

assiniboia-ccCURLSASK Bylaws define different categories of members:
Affiliate Club Member – (Voting Member) curling club or curling establishment located in Saskatchewan.

Associate Member – (Voting Member) group or organization, other than a curling club or other curling establishment, involved in the sport of curling.

Player Members – (Non-Voting) are those who are included on the Affiliate Club Member registry.

As a CURLSASK Member Club or Associate Member, you receive numerous and wide spread benefits.  Benefits include the ability for clubs to apply for grants, including the Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant to assist with club operations, host important Provincial Playdown events, offer skills clinics to your club’s curlers or draw on the resources of the CURLSASK office to assist with club development.

Whether your club/organization is small, large, competitive, recreational, urban or rural there are several great reasons to belong to Saskatchewan’s curling community of 130+ clubs and associations. Membership includes belonging to Curling Canada (CC) with access to all their great educational, club development and grant programs.

We don't have any competitive curlers at our club! Why should we join?

CURLSASK isn’t all about competitive curling.  Odds are there is someone in your club who tunes into the CURLSASK Webcasts of the Viterra Scotties and SaskTel Tankard Championships.  Even better odds say that folks from your club check the CURLSASK website to get end-by-end Results of Saskatchewan bonspiels and playdown competitions. And more than likely a club like yours is running a bonspiel and gaining some extra Publicity on the CURLSASK Events Page and social media platforms that helps promote club happenings to a wider audience as well as showcase a vibrant Saskatchewan curling community!

All this and more is funded by the CURLSASK Membership fee Clubs collect from their curlers.

The office staff strives to make sure that there is as much information somewhere on the website about what we do and what goes on.  Browse through the site to get familiar with all that is on it and encourage your club members to do the same also.  There really is something here for everyone from where is the next bonspiel, how to organize a clinic, where the high performance curlers are playing this week, the legends of our sport, and of course information on how to contact any of the CURLSASK Board of Directors, Region Coordinators and the friendly staff at the office.

Further details and requirements for joining CURLSASK are found on the Become A Member Page.

For any questions feel free to contact CURLSASK for more information.

Membership Benefits

Renewing your club’s membership fees or joining CURLSASK offers all of the following great reasons to belong to Saskatchewan’s curling community of 130+ clubs and associations.

Eligible to Apply for Financial Assistance for Club Development and Club Enhancements

  • The Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant.
  • Clinic Grant Programs for Adult & Youth Clinics
  • Youth Spiel Grant for U15  and U18 bonspiels
  • Eligible, through CURLSASK, to apply for Sask Sport Hosting Grants for National and/or International competitions

Influence CURLSASK Decisions and Board Governance

  • Entitled to send one delegate to vote at the CURLSASK Annual General Meeting
  • Entitled to nominate Club Members to the CURLSASK Board of Directors

CURLSASK & Curling Canada Eligible for Competing In and Hosting Competitions

  • Club member competitors entering a CURLSASK event leading up to a Provincial / National competition must be a member in good standing of a Club affiliated with CURLSASK and Curling Canada (CC)
  • Membership in Provincial and Canadian Associations permits Clubs to host CURLSASK Region Competitions and Provincial, National and World events

Be in “The Know” – Communication Pieces

  • Website, Facebook and Twitter articles and information
  • CURLSASK Connects E-News emailed to club contacts
  • Annual Newsletter
  • Annual complimentary CURLSASK Yearbooks
  • CURLSASK Provincial Competition and Program Posters
  • Club Operations Manual

Promotion of Club Events

  • A listing or link to your club’s event on the website
  • Curling I/O – Curling Canada’s Registration & Management System – a central online system that incorporates athlete profiles, scoring and results, league and member management. More information HERE
  • Social media support of your club’s event and news on CURLSASK Twitter, CURLSASK Facebook and the website

Skills Enhancement and Support

  • Nationally certified and recognized clinics and courses at your club
  • Youth and Adult Skills Clinics
  • Officiating Courses/clinics
  • Ice Making courses/clinics
  • Club Coach and Competition Coach
  • Access to current Technical Materials
  • Access to clinic materials and assistance to find certified instructors for clinics
  • High Performance Training Centre Services for curling athletes
  • Curling Canada (CC) Business of Curling Workshops
  • Guidance and assistance with hosting CURLSASK Clinics/Events & CURLSASK Competition

Recognition and Awards

  • Recognition Awards for curling volunteers – CURLSASK Awards & Curling Canada Awards
  • Recognition for competitors, coaches, officials and builders of the sport – SCA Legends of Curling Honour Roll
  • 8-Ender recognition (Curling Canada Eight-Ender Awards)
  • Hall of Fame: nominations accepted for endorsement to Curling Canada or the Saskatchewan Sport Hall of Fame and Museum.

Club Liability Insurance

  • Sport Liability Insurance coverage for CURLSASK sanctioned events. Members of CURLSASK are covered while participating in or training for a sanctioned sporting or training event that is organized and operated by CURLSASK.
  • Access to CURLSASK Group Policy for Member Clubs. Option to purchase Club Liability Insurance through Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (Clubs require their own Premises/Operations Liability policies AND Directors & Officers Liability coverage to cover the operations of the club).  Click here to download Club Liability Coverage Information. Click here to download an Application Form to obtain a quote from AON.

Influence CURLSASK Decisions and Board Governance

  • Entitled to send one delegate to vote at the CURLSASK Annual General Meeting

National Competitions

  • Eligible to purchase official CURLSASK Team Jackets, Crests and Shirts for National events. (Contact Office for pricing.)
  • Eligible through CURLSASK to apply for Sask Sport Hosting Grants for National and/or International competitions

Promotion of Association Events

  • One page in the Annual CURLSASK Yearbook to announce playdown dates and sites and to showcase the previous year’s champion
  • Your Associate Member information on the CURLSASK website

Be in “The Know”

  • Annual Newsletter
  • CURLSASK Yearbooks.

Recognition and Awards

  • 8-Ender recognitions through the Curling Canada Eight-Ender Award
  • Hall of Fame: nominations accepted for endorsement in the Curling Canada or the Sask Sport Hall of Fame and Museum

Provincial Competition

  • Access to CURLSASK Time Clocks at no charge, subject to availability and adherence to CURLSASK advertising