Membership Benefits

CURLSASK Club affiliation offers all of the following great reasons to belong to Saskatchewan’s curling community of 130+ clubs and associations

Financial Assistance for Clubs

  • Membership Assistance Program (MAP) Grant.
  • Clinic Grant Programs for Adult & Youth
  • Youth Spiel Grant for U15  and U18 bonspiels
  • Eligible, through CURLSASK, to apply for Sask Sport Hosting Grants for Provincial, National and/or International competitions

Influence on Decisions

  • Members entitled to send one delegate to vote at the CURLSASK Annual General Meeting
  • Members entitled to nominate Club Members to the CURLSASK Board of Directors

Event Hosting

  • Club members entering a CURLSASK event leading up to a Provincial / National competition must be a member in good standing of a Club affiliated with CURLSASK and Curling Canada (CC)
  • Membership in Provincial and Canadian Associations permits Clubs to host CURLSASK Regional, Provincial, National and World competitions


  • CURLSASK Website
  • CURLSASK Facebook and Twitter
  • Monthly Newsletter & Yearbook
  • Curling Club Townhalls
  • Player & Coaches Townhalls

Training & Certification Opportunities

  • Youth curling development programs
  • Coaching webinars, workshops & certification
  • Ice Tech training & certification
  • Umpire training & certification
  • High Performance programs & consulting

Event Management

  • Opportunity to host Provincial Playdown Events (Juniors to Masters)
  • Access to CURLSASK Event Management equipment and expertise
  • Live Scoring of Events
  • Webcasting of Major Events

Club Liability Insurance

  • Sport Liability Insurance coverage for CURLSASK sanctioned events. Members of CURLSASK are covered while participating in or training for a sanctioned sporting or training event that is organized and operated by CURLSASK.
  • Access to CURLSASK Group Policy for Member Clubs. Option to purchase Club Liability Insurance through Aon Reed Stenhouse Inc. (Clubs require their own Premises/Operations Liability policies AND Directors & Officers Liability coverage to cover the operations of the club).
  • Club Liability Coverage Information
  • Application form to obtain a quote from AON

Recognition & Awards

  • Recognition Awards for curling volunteers – CURLSASK Awards & Curling Canada Awards
  • Recognition for competitors, coaches, officials and builders of the sport – SCA Legends of Curling Honour Roll
  • 8-Ender recognition (Curling Canada Eight-Ender Awards)
  • Hall of Fame: nominations accepted for endorsement to Curling Canada or the Saskatchewan Sport Hall of Fame and Museum.

Associate Member Benefits

Influence CURLSASK Decisions and Board Governance

  • Entitled to send one delegate to vote at the CURLSASK Annual General Meeting

National Competitions

  • Eligible to purchase official CURLSASK Team Jackets, Crests and Shirts for National events. (Contact Office for pricing.)
  • Eligible through CURLSASK to apply for Sask Sport Hosting Grants for National and/or International competitions

Promotion of Association Events

  • One page in the Annual CURLSASK Yearbook to announce playdown dates and sites and to showcase the previous year’s champion
  • Your Associate Member information on the CURLSASK website

Recognition and Awards

  • 8-Ender recognitions through the Curling Canada Eight-Ender Award
  • Hall of Fame: nominations accepted for endorsement in the Curling Canada or the Sask Sport Hall of Fame and Museum

Provincial Competition

  • Access to CURLSASK Time Clocks at no charge, subject to availability and adherence to CURLSASK advertising

Be in “The Know”

  • Annual Newsletter
  • CURLSASK Yearbooks

Member Benefits Video