CURLSASK Membership Categories

    1. Affiliate Club Member – (Voting Member) curling club or curling establishment located in Saskatchewan.
    2. Associate Member – (Voting Member) group or organization, other than a curling club or other curling establishment, involved in the sport of curling.
    3. Player Members – (Non-Voting) are those who are included on the Affiliate Club Member registry.

How to Affiliate With CURLSASK

It is a very simple process for Curling Clubs to Affiliate with CURLSASK and receive the numerous membership benefits available to them.

To affiliate clubs need to complete a i) CURLSASK member form, ii) provide a complete list of their members, and iii) submit CURLSASK member fees on behalf of their members.

1. CURLSASK Member Form

The CURLSASK member form is an online form (see link below) providing CURLSASK with details about your club including club address, # of sheets, and key contacts for your club.  Please note this form has now been combined with the MAP application form in order to simplify the process.  If you are not applying for MAP please leave this portion of the form blank.

Member form is due October 31 of current curling season.

2. CURLSASK Member List

Membership reporting is vital to the development of curling in our province. At CURLSASK we use this member data to determine how to focus programs and resources for the betterment of curling in the province.  In addition, CURLSASK is required to submit annual membership information to SaskSport, our provincial funding partner, in order to be eligible to receive annual funding.   Club members reported on this list become Player Members of CURLSASK.

Each club’s Member list is due February 1 of current curling season.
In order to collect member information in a usable format we require all clubs to submit their member lists in the excel format provided through above link.

3. CURLSASK Member Fees

All Curling Club member curlers, whether competitive, recreational or rental league participants over age 12 are required to pay $15 per person to join CURLSASK. The CURLSASK fee, collected by the Club, also provides membership status with Curling Canada (CC).

Note:  Each year CURLSASK pays the Curling Canada (CC) fee directly to Curling Canada (CC) on behalf of the Curling Club.  The Curling Canada fee is $2 per curler (individual membership fee).  Therefore, the CURLSASK fee is broken down as follows:  $13 – CURLSASK, $2 – Curling Canada.

Member fees are due February 1 of current curling season.

Mail your cheque for member fees to Curlsask Office or E-transfer to

All Affiliate Members receive access to all the great Member Benefits that CURLSASK provides. 

Associate memberships are for groups or organizations, other than curling clubs involved in the sport of curling.

The Associate Member Fee is $300 per organization and must accompany the Associate member application form. In addition, a $15 per member fee is charged to those individual members, over age 12, of the Associate Member who are not currently player members of an Affiliate Member Curling Club in the province.

Associate member forms and  lists are due February 1 of current curling season.


Members reported on the Affiliate or Associate member lists become Player Members of CURLSASK.  Curlers entering a CURLSASK event leading up to a Provincial / National competition must be a member in good standing of a Club affiliated with CURLSASK and Curling Canada (CC)

Other Considerations

If your Curling Club is considering the option to affiliate with CURLSASK, then take a few moments to review the numerous benefits associated with membership. CURLSASK is here to serve all clubs and organizations whether they have a competitive focus or are more community or recreational focused.

The most compelling benefit for the vast majority of clubs is the availability of the  Membership Assistance Grant (MAP) that provides monetary assistance for club projects and development. In some cases, that MAP grant provides enough funding to cover the cost of the CURLSASK membership fee that clubs submit to affiliate with CURLSASK.

To assist with the decision to affiliate, feel free to contact Darrell McKee at 306-780-9202 ext. 02 or

CURLSASK Member Affiliation