CURLSASK’S High Performance Program offers a range of professional services and programs through Canadian Sports Centre Saskatchewan in partnership with the Curling Canada, National Coaching Certification Program, Sask Sport.

CURLSASK’S High Performance Program offers year-round opportunity for training in areas of sport psychology, nutrition, training and conditioning, team dynamics, strategy, tactical game plan and technical development.


  • Adult Teams – $100/hour
  • Junior Teams – $75/hour
  • Individual Athletes/Coaches – $75/hour.

Contact the CURLSASK Office for more information.

(Photo, Curling Canada)

(Photo, Curling Canada)

High Performance Consulting

Game Plan Preparation has been an area that most teams “take for granted” and do not spend a great deal of time discussing.  We will help your team develop a “customized” game plan that will work for your team.  We can help you identify the style of team you have and established your team’s strategic philosophy.  We can also help your team in the areas of goal setting, strategy/tactics and pre-competition and competition preparation.

We have “state of the art” technical equipment to help you identify areas that require adjustment.  We will help you perfect your technical skills.  As well, we can provide systems of matching stones, reading ice, and timing.

Team chemistry is just as or even more important than the experience or skills that each player contributes.  Successful teams learn to work together by communicating effectively.  A team succeeds only when it becomes greater than the sum of its parts.  We will help build on your “team chemistry” by identifying each member’s type of personality and how it interacts with other types.  We will help your team communicate more effectively.

If your team does not have a coach, we will be available to conduct practices, gather competitive data while attending games involving your team (as time permits) and actually coach your team in non-playdown events.

Do you know what foods to eat or avoid prior to a big game?  Do you know when or what foods can help you?  We have access to nutritionists that can help you eat to win.

Are you looking for a fitness program that is tailored for curling?  Are you interested in increasing your flexibility, strength, endurance, power or balance to make you a better player? We can set you up with a professional trainer who will design a program just for you.