1st Annual Curling Season in Saskatchewan presented by Affinity Credit Union!


“What Does Curling Mean to your Community”? Create a video that answers this questions and you could be entered to win one of 3 cash prizes!

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Carrot River Curling Club

At the Carrot River Curling Club, we put on event with our local high school students. It turned out to be a great success with 50 students present and 9 local farmer volunteers. Thanks for giving us this opportunity to showcase curling and farming!



Our event this year consisted of around 40 people coming out to the Lemberg Curling Club to take part in a nicely prepared supper before we headed out for a short curling game followed up by a draw to the button competition.


This year we had all the kids at Muenster school from grades 6-12 come down for curling during the week. Most of them were quite involved already and had a lot of fun, we also had prizes for the various games they played. The highlight though was having 64 curlers in our mixed leagues take part in a shootout with pails of ice cream, which works much better than turkeys we have used in the past! Eight games saw 8 winners of ice cream and the doubles board had another 4 winners. Butterscotch ripple is the best shooting flavor!!!


We held a supper that included a hamburger, soup and pie (all of our curling club specialties).  This was used as an opening fundraiser for the building of our new curling facility.  Our committee was blown away by the support we received.  In total we sold 192 hamburgers, countless bowls of soup and approximately 175 slices of homemade pie.  It was a great night filled with a delicious meal and lots of socializing.  People of all ages joined us to celebrate Saskatchewan’s provincial sport.



We had a fantastic potluck for old and new curlers to our curling club to enjoy some great food and each others company. We brought in the local schools and their Physical Education classes all week long to learn the sport of curling.



The Regina Tartan did a full week of member appreciation, with free coffee, appetizers and snacks each day for all of our club and commercial league members. The “main event” will be a club-wide draw to the button contest with prizes for the winning individual/team.



In Rosetown, we had a special event held for each league we host here at the curling club. Senior’s League we provided coffee & cookies. Toonie Tuesday Kids Leagues we offered chilli and a bun. Ladies League hosted a supper along with “bring a friends to curling”. The Men’s League you had to get a junior aged player to sub on your team to help promote the game at a younger level. Overall a great turnout throughout the week.


Unity Curling Club

At the Unity Curling Club, we had a great evening consisted of “Bring A Buddy” to our Junior League Curling Night. The curlers and parents really enjoyed the curling, pizza, and pop. We then raffled off the tocques to lucky winners!


2015 Inaugural Official Curling Day in Saskatchewan

House Calls 2015Our official sport now has an Official Day!

On December 17, 2014, the Government of Saskatchewan officially declared January 21, 2015 as Curling Day in Saskatchewan.  As the official sport of Saskatchewan, it seemed only fitting there needed to be a day to celebrate a sport that is province wide, played by all ages at all levels and is accessible to able and non-able body persons. The opening day of the 2015 Viterra Scotties in Assiniboia was selected to highlight the sport and the inaugural Curling Day met with great success.

Saskatchewanians around the province donned their green and white to show their pride for Saskatchewan’s official sport on Wednesday, January 21st, 2015. Curlers, fans, volunteers, spectators, and celebrities combined their efforts to show and celebrate how they are all part of team Saskatchewan.

The CN Curling Club in Saskatoon combined their 75th anniversary celebrations with House Calls 2015 by inviting all four of Steve Laycock’s team to skip local celebrities including members of the media and University of Saskatchewan Huskies. Their celebrity matches were four ends long and were followed by cake and autographs upstairs in the lounge.

Other clubs around the province celebrated with cake, balloons, mixed up league play, social events, equipment sales and open houses. Students and teachers in schools were encouraged to partake in curling related, curricular activities provided by CURLSASK and some students even took to the ice for the very first time!

At the Shellbrook Curling Club, students in the P4A Curling League of the Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division were given commemorative pins by CURLSASK Board Member, Patricia Yeske, before they donned the ice for their regular league game and curlers young and old were treated to coffee and dainties. Thank you to everyone that helped to make House Calls 2015 a success and a special kudos to the media for all of the positive coverage. Who knows what is in store for House Calls 2016, but House Calls 2015 will go down in history as the start of it all.