2017-2018 Hit, Draw & Tap Championship

We are proud to announce the 1st Annual CURLSASK Hit, Draw & Tap Championship will take place this upcoming 2017-2018 curling season!

Hit, Draw & Tap (HDT) is a youth skills competition where kids age 8-15 compete individually against other youth curlers across the province of Saskatchewan. HDT will accompany three different age categories where they will perform three different skill based shots, a “Hit”, a “Draw”, & a “Tap”. Dependent on the age of the curler will depend on the difficulty of the shot, as it is modified according to the set age group of the curler.

Saskatchewan clubs are encouraged to incorporate a HDT competition within their youth programming at the local club at their own convenience. Curling Clubs from Ontario and Manitoba use this competition as a recruitment event during their open house week where others build it into their Youth Curling Programs.

HDT 2017-2018 Event Information

HDT is a youth skills competition where kids 8-15 years of age compete as individuals to perform three different shots – a “Hit, a “Draw” and a “Tap”! Please read the full event details below:

2017-2018 HDT Registered Clubs

Looking for a registered HDT Curling Club near you..?? Please view all the registered curling clubs who will host a HDT Shootout this curling season below:

HDT Provincial Leaderboard

As each club partakes in their club HDT Shootouts, they will send in their scores for the curlers to be listed in the provincial leader-board (updated weekly) which will determine the participants at the Provincial Shootout! Check out the listing below:

HDT Promotional Tools

If you would like to distribute posters about the HDT Event at your own club, please check out various promotional tools below:

Any further questions? Please contact Mat Ring at 306.780.9415 or mat.ring@curlsask.ca

Photo Courtesy Wanda Harron Photography

Photo Courtesy Wanda Harron Photography