In addition to being a team sport with a great social component, curling also offers a wide range of game levels that can satisfy both beginners and elite players: ice rental, integration and recreational league, competitive circuit, etc.

Curling is one of the few sports that can be practiced for a lifetime regardless of the age, sex and physical condition. Indeed, several alternatives are available to please as many people as possible.

  • Youth
  • Wheelchair
  • Stick Curling
  • Blind Curling
  • Deaf Curling

Curling… sport of a lifetime!


The curling stone weighs 20kg and you think it may stop your kid to curl or to improve as a player?

Don’t be misled, there are several resources available to clubs to encourage them to the game of curling. Especially:

  • Junior stones: Provide all the same characteristics of a full size curling stone, but at only half the weight.
  • Removable starting blocks (hacks): Easy to make and inexpensive. This tool allows to adjust the distance between the starting block and the house.
  • Paint a 3rd house: Painting a house in mid-ice.

You can also take a look at our Youth Programs which is specifically aimed towards helping youth develop a love for the sport!


Wheelchair curling is an adaptation of curling for athletes with a disability. The rules are close able bodied curling to the same but do have differences. Wheelchair curling is played with the same rocks and on the same ice as able bodied curling, though the rocks are delivered from a stationary wheelchair and there is no brushing.

Wheelchair Curling is FUN, AFFORDABLE, RECREATIONAL, and SOCIAL. Opportunities exist for curlers at all levels, regardless of experience or exposure to curling.

Check out our Wheelchair Curling Page!

Special Olympics

Curling is one of the seven winter sports offered in the Quebec provincial Special Olympics.

The Special Olympics movement’s mission is to enrich the lives of individuals with an intellectual disability (ID) through sport. The movement is open to athletes of all ages and began a specialized program for children aged 4 to 14 in 2010.


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Stick Curling

As we said earlier, curling is a sport for everyone to enjoy. People who have trouble bending down to get into the curling position can play an adapted version of the game where they remain upright at all times. This adapted version is called stick curling.

Most, if not all, curling clubs are equipped with the adapted sticks, all you have to do is ask! There are no restrictions to players curling with the stick in league play, therefore someone who plays with the stick may join a team of traditional curlers.


Check our our Adaptive Curling Page!