Curling Ice Technicians (Trained Status)

The Curling Ice Technician Program is intended for those who are looking for a career in ice making and need to learn the skills of installing, maintaining, and removing ice in a dedicated curling facility for league and bonspiel play. These individuals may have to supervise Assistant Ice Technicians as well. At the completion of the workshop, participants will be at the “Curling Ice Technician – Trained” status.

Pre-requisites: Must have at least one of the following.

Cost: $400 CURLSASK Member Centre members or $600 Non-member Centre members

Expect to Learn:

  • Floors and Draining
  • Spraying and Flooding
  • Painting
  • Taping
  • Ice Equipment
  • Play Equipment
  • Rocks
  • Pebbling and Water Quality