Deborah Hawkshaw

Age: 22
City/Town: Saskatoon, SK
Contact Number: 647.637.6104
Email Address:

Position: Will play any position but most of my experience comes at 2nd and Vice.
What are you looking for in a team: Competitive Women’s

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have been curling for 16 years, with most of them being at the competitive level. In Ontario I curled on the bantam and junior curling competitive circuits for all my years of eligibility. I was runner up with my teammates in the 2013 Ontario Bantam Provincials, as well as a Provincial Finalist in the 2017 Ontario Junior Provincials. With my team in the 2015-2016 season we won two of the junior cashspiels on the circuit and on my team in the 2013-2014 season we won a junior cashspiel of the circuit. I also played on my High School Curling Team where we made it to OFSAA four years in a row and were Silver Medalists in 2013.

With that team we also qualified for 3 Gore Mutual High School Provincials. At the 2013 Gore Mutual High School Provincial I was also awarded the Kevin McArthur Sportsmanship Award. I was also a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Team for all four years of my undergrad where we were OUA bronze medalists in 2017. Though it was a very long time ago now, I was also runner up in the 2009 Timbits Ontario Elementary School Provincials.

Bio of Myself: I grew up in Toronto, Ontario and have recently moved out to Saskatoon to pursue a Master’s in Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I am in a thesis-based Masters program where I am investigating hibernation in Black-tailed Prairie Dogs. Curling has always been a huge part of my life having started when I was 6 years old. With both my brothers and my father also curling most weekends of my childhood were spent in a curling rink in some form or another. Outside of the rink and school I am a big outdoors and nature lover and enjoy camping, hiking, and bird watching. I am very passionate about everything I do and extremely dedicated to what I commit to. I am really easy to get along with and have always prided myself in being able to work with all types of people and approach things with a positive and fun attitude. I also love to compete and really enjoy working with others towards common goals.

Chelsy McInnis

Age: 32
City/Town: Virden, Manitoba
Contact Number: 780.690.8918
Email Address: Please Contact the CURLSASK Office

Position: Front end (have played all positions though)
What are you looking for in a team: Competitive Mixed Doubles

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have curled since I was 10. I competed at the college level in Alberta for 4 seasons with 3 provincial attendances on the Augustana University College (2003-2004), University of Alberta & Augustana Faculty (2004-2005 & 2007-2008) teams. I also was part of the runner up team in the 2017 Alberta Sturling Championship (a style of 2-man curling as a slide deliverer).

Bio of Myself: I grew up a rink rat since my parents were in the Rec League. I started off just as being a “body/filler/spare” for them at the age of ten when they needed someone and my passion and love just grew from there. I enjoy passing knowledge on to other players and receiving constructive critiscism to improve everytime I am on the ice. Since my teen years I have been helping out juniors and new players on seeing the joy and benefits of curling, both social and physical.

I have gone from helping my gym teacher with the curling program in highschool through to assisting during junior practice times. New players in the leagues I have attended have always enjoyed playing with or against me as I would help them out if they wanted it and I have always been complimented on my sportsmanship.

I am more comfortable playing front end in the competitive level. I am looking for (can sweep both sides), but have played all positions in rec leagues & bonspiels (ladies & mixed). For the 2018/2019+ seasons I am looking for rinks as far east as Regina and Estevan as I recently moved to just outside of Virden, MB (20 minutes into Manitoba) and currently work in the southeast corner of SK, but am willing to travel for the right ream and for bonspiels/tournaments. I know the attitude, dedication and focus required for competitive play.

I have found Sturling to be a game that has helped with not relying on sweepers as much and love it! I have not played mixed doubles yet but I believe it may be a similar experience that I am also willing to pursue!

Maria Lazurko

Age: 19
City/Town: Regina
Email Address:

Position: Any. I have had experience playing all positions.
What are you looking for in a team: Competitive Women’s

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have been curling for 9 years. I have a Curl Regina silver medal as skip and a Curl Regina juvenile silver medal as third. I have also been apart of the Miller High School curling team. In grade 9 I skipped the junior mixed curling team and in grades 11 & 12, I was the fifth for the senior girls curling team. I have also taken part in various curling clinics.
Bio of Myself: I am 19 and studying at the University of Regina. I am a hard worker and put my heart and soul into everything I do. I am always trying to better myself in the sport. I am physically fit and like working out.
Other Comments: I am willing to work hard to ensure I can get up to the level of the team. I would hate to have to stop playing the game that I have such a passion for.

Jennalyn Alkastrup

Age: 19

City/Town: Meadow Lake

Contact Number: 1.306.240.5234

Email Address:

Position: I have played lead, second, third & skip

What are you looking for in a team: Competitive Women’s

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have curled since grade 4 with about 9-10 years of curling experience. I love curling and would do anything to curl for the rest of my life. As of right now I am in college and am on the college curling team. Through out high school I went to two provincial playdowns and have kept curling since I graduated. I am looking to curl competitively once I am done college as I can not see myself not curling. I love the sport and am dedicated to play it and do seriously want to keep going in this sport.

Bio of Myself: I am 19 years of age and currently enrolled at Lakeland College in Vermillion, Alberta. I am taking my early childhood diploma program and am on the Lakeland Rustlers curling team. Growing up I watched my parents and family members curl and when I got older I tried it and fell in love with the game! Summer time as a child I did gymnastics and in the winter I curled as much as I could. After college I do not want to be done curling, I want to keep curling competitively if I can.