Jillian Schommer

Age: 47

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 306.948.9883

Email Address: gidget69@outlook.com

Position: Front-end

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive Women, Mixed

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I’ve been curling for 40 years, started when I was 7, curling with my Dad. Curled on the High School Girl’s curling teams all through high school, won the SHSAA High School Provincials. I also spent 10 years curling at the junior level; curled with the U of S Women’s curling program and have curled at a competitive level. I have attended two Prairieland Curling Camps and have access to coaching. When I was not competing at the competitive level (I was raising my family). I have always curled at the local club level and the local bonspiel circuit. I am currently two night a week curler in Biggar, and picking up games and bonspiels on a regular basis.

Bio of Yourself: I grew up in Maidstone, SK and have been curling since I was 7. My parents both curled and I spent many hours at the rink. Curling has always been a huge part of my life and a passion. I took several years off to raise my children, but now have the time to commit to a competitive curling team. I am working full time as an insurances broker in Biggar, SK. I split my personal time between Biggar & Saskatoon. When I am not working or curling, my other activities include running, singing, traveling, and spending time at the cabin with Brian. I am a great team player, easy to get along with and do have a definite competitive streak. I am always willing to try new things, to learn and improve. I bring a strong skill set to any team that will take me on. I believe that life needs balance and I bring that to all aspects of my life including curling.

Deborah Hawkshaw

Age: 22

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 647.637.6104

Email Address: deborah.hawkshaw@usask.ca

Position: Any position

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive

I have been curling for 16 years, with most of them being at the competitive level. In Ontario I curled on the bantam and junior curling competitive circuits for all my years of eligibility. I was runner up with my teammates in the 2013 Ontario Bantam Provincials, as well as a Provincial Finalist in the 2017 Ontario Junior Provincials. With my team in the 2015-16 season we won two of the junior cashspiels on the circuit and on my team in the 2013-14 season we won a junior cashspiel of the circuit. I also played on my High School Curling Team where we made it to OFSAA four years in a row and were Silver Medalists in 2013. With that team we also qualified for 3 Gore Mutual High School Provincials. At the 2013 Gore Mutual High School Provincial I was also awarded the Kevin McArthur Sportsmanship Award. I was also a member of the University of Toronto Varsity Team for all four years of my undergrad where we were OUA bronze medalists in 2017. Though it was a very long time ago now, I was also runner up in the 2009 Timbits Ontario Elementary School Provincials.

I grew up in Toronto, Ontario and have recently moved out to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan to pursue as Master’s of Science degree at the University of Saskatchewan. I am in a thesis-based Masters program where I am investigating hibernation in Black-tailed Prairie Dogs. Curling has always been a huge part of my life having started when I was 6 years old. With both my brothers and my father also curling most weekends of my childhood were spend in a curling rink in some form or another. Outside of the rink and school I am a big outdoors and nature lover and enjoy camping, hiking and bird watching.

I am very passionate about everything I do and extremely dedicated to what I commit to. I am really easy to get along with and have always prided myself in being able to work with all types of people and approach things with a positive and fun attitude. I also love to compete and really enjoy working with others towards common goals.