Amber Sawchuk

Age: 24
City/Town: Saskatoon
Contact Number: 306.717.9377
Email Address:

Position: 2nd or 3rd
What are you looking for in a team: Competitive

Years Curled & Accomplishments Thus Far: I have been curling for 16 years. I attended high school provincials in 2009 (mixed) and 2010 (girls). I also participated in women’s juniors as well as the U18 competition, representing SK in the 09/10 season. In my competitive curling career I often curled up to 6 days a week, at least once a day, often more than once.

Bio of Myself: I moved to Canada in 1999 in England. I attended school in Ituna, SK until my graduation in 2010. At this point, I attended the University of Saskatchewan in the college of agriculture and obtained my diploma in Agronomy. I currently work for Cargill in Aberdeen, SK as a research agronomist.