Jillian Schommer

Age: 47


Contact Number: 306.948.9883

Email Address: gidget69@outlook.com

Position: Front-end

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive Women, Mixed

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I’ve been curling for 40 years, started when I was 7, curling with my Dad. Curled on the High School Girl’s curling teams all through high school, won the SHSAA High School Provincials. I also spent 10 years curling at the junior level; curled with the U of S Women’s curling program and have curled at a competitive level. I have attended two Prairieland Curling Camps and have access to coaching. When I was not competing at the competitive level (I was raising my family). I have always curled at the local club level and the local bonspiel circuit. I am currently two night a week curler in Biggar, and picking up games and bonspiels on a regular basis.

Bio of Yourself: I grew up in Maidstone, SK and have been curling since I was 7. My parents both curled and I spent many hours at the rink. Curling has always been a huge part of my life and a passion. I took several years off to raise my children, but now have the time to commit to a competitive curling team. I am working full time as an insurances broker in Biggar, SK. I split my personal time between Biggar & Saskatoon. When I am not working or curling, my other activities include running, singing, traveling, and spending time at the cabin with Brian. I am a great team player, easy to get along with and do have a definite competitive streak. I am always willing to try new things, to learn and improve. I bring a strong skill set to any team that will take me on. I believe that life needs balance and I bring that to all aspects of my life including curling.

Chelsy McInnis

Age: 32

City/Town: Virden, MB

Contact Number: 780.690.8918

Email Address: chelsy@hotmail.ca

Position: Front-end

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive Front-End

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have curled since I was 10. I competed at the college level in Alberta for 4 seasons with 3 provincial attendances on Augustana University College (2003-2004) & University of Alberta, Augustana Faculty (2004-2005 & 2007-2008) teams. I also was part of the runner up team in the 2017 Alberta Sturling Championship (a style of 2 man curling as a slide deliverer).

Bio of Yourself: I grew up a rink rat since my parents were in Rec League. I started off just as being a “body/filler/spare” for them at the age of ten when they needed someone and my passion and love just grew from there. I enjoy passing knowledge on to other players and receiving constructive criticism to improve everytime I am on the ice. Since my teen years I have been helping my gym teacher with the curling program in high school through to assisting during junior practice times. New players in the leagues I have attended have always enjoyed playing with or against me as I would  help them out if they wanted it and I have always been complimented on my sportsmanship. I am more comfortable playing front end in the competitive level, I am looking for (can sweep both sides), but have played all positions in rec leagues and bonspiels. For the 2018/2019+ seasons I am looking for rinks as far west as Regina and Estevan as I recently moved to just outside Virden, MB and currently work in the southeast corner of SK, but am willing to travel for the right team and for bonspiels/tournaments. I know the attitude, dedication and focus required for competitive play.

Brent Miller

Age: 33

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 306.716.3029

Email Address: abccde.bm@gmail.com

Position: Any

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive Men’s & Mixed

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have curled for about 27  years now, and have been around curling since I was 3 years old. Curling is in my family blood. I have done some competitive curling in Alberta when in high school. But since moving to Saskatchewan I have not known the people enough to have a stay together team. I have won a few bonspiels over the years, but living arrangements have prevented me from ever making it to the big stage.

Bio of Yourself: I am physically fit to play all positions. And have a good mind for the strategy side of the game. I have not stopped playing since I was 5 and even started playing in the men’s league when I was 11. I was the player coach of our high school teams. And have been trying to help teach others how to enjoy the game and possibly build their own skills so they may have the confidence to join a league.

Justin Anderson

Age: 23

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 306.260.7186

Email Address: janderson@harvardbroadcasting.com

Position: Skip – will play any position

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive Men’s & Mixed

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: High School provincial silver & gold (Alberta), College provincial silver (Alberta).

Bio of Yourself: Grew up on the SK side of Lloydminster which is why my curling accomplishments are mostly in Alberta, but have been an SK resident my whole life. Bachelor of Commerce in marketing from the U of S and I work for the 96.3 Cruz FM as an Account Executive. The nature of my job leaves a decent amount of room to schedule around curling.

Amber Sawchuk

Age: 24

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 306.717.9377

Email Address: amberbazeley@hotmail.com

Position: 2nd or 3rd

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have been curling for 16 years. I attended high school provincials in 2009 (mixed) and 2010 (girls). I also participated in women’s juniors as well as the U18 competition, representing SK in the 09/10 season. In my competitive curling career I often curled up to 6 days a week, at least once a day, often more than once.

Bio of Yourself: I moved to Canada in 1999 from England. I attended school in Ituna, SK until my graduation in 2010. At this point, I attended the University of Saskatchewan at the college of agriculture and obtained a diploma in Agronomy. I currently work for Cargill in Aberdeen, SK as a research agronomist.

Brayden Morin

Age: 23

City/Town: Saskatoon

Contact Number: 306.833.7161

Email Address: brayden.morin@gmail.com

Position: Front-end

What are you looking for in a team? Competitive

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along the Way: I have been curling since 16 years old, won high school district and went to regionals. I played with junior teams in Saskatoon in league and also men’s league at the Nutana Curling Club. I played with my dad at the northerns playdowns in North Battlefords this year. Won many tournaments with my dad. Will be playing in the National Aboriginal Curling Championship in Saskatoon on April 14 to 17, 2017!