Juel Sproat

Age: 19

City/Town: Kipling

Email Address: juelmsproat@gmail.com

Phone: 306.495.7207

Position: Preferably third but open to anything

What are you looking for in a team: Competitive U21 Women’s

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along The Way: I started curling when I was 7 years old. I attended a few clinics and took part in the town league nights, bonspiels along with helping my mom coach. Grade 9 I skipped a girls team and then grade 10 we started a mixed team where I played third and my grade 12 year that teams ended up going to provincials and placing fourth. I have mainly played third and skip positions throughout the years but am willing to play a second position as well. I feel as I am not equipped for a lead position but am willing to play it if that’s what is left.

Bio of Yourself: Graduated high school in 2018 and took a year off to work at the daycare in town. 2019 I decided to make the big move to Saskatoon to be apart of a Junior team. 2019 being my first to compete in Juniors I absolutely loved it but I am moving to Regina for school in 2020 and looking for a competitive team to be apart of. Curling has always been a huge passion of mine and I really don’t want to let it go.

Other Comments: I would love to find a team based out of Regina but I am willing to travel a little bit of distance if it means I have a team to be apart of. Also willing to travel anywhere across the province and country for bonspiels.

Mackenzie Devenis

Age: 18

City/Town: Birch Hills

Email Address: Mackenziedevenis@gmail.com

Phone: 306.930.2240

Position: Any

What are you looking for in a team: Competitive U21 Women’s

Years Curled & Accomplishments Along The Way: I started to curl when I was 8 years old and took part in many clinics and funspiels. I played on the high school team in grades 9 (mixed, 3rd position), 10 (girls, skip position), and 11 (girls, skip position). But due to other commitments we were unable to compete in playoffs. On top of that I have also been playing in an adult league with family for the past few years (I mostly played lead or 2nd because I enjoy to sweep but also changed it up occasionally and played 3rd or skip).

Bio of Yourself: I just graduated high school and I’m taking a year off to work. Curling has been a big part of my life and I hope to take it to the next level. This will be my first year competing in juniors and have no clue what to expect but I’m excited for this new adventure!

Other Comments: I am willing to travel to Prince Albert, Saskatoon, Tisdale, Humboldt and any towns in those areas once a week for practice if necessary, and I am willing to travel anywhere in the province for bonspiels.