Road to the 2027 Canada Winter Games in Quebec

From February 26 to March 15, the Games will bring together over 3,600 athletes, managers, and coaches, across 20 different sports, for the largest multi-sport event in the country to Quebec!

The Canada Games bring together thousands of the top able-bodied athletes and athletes with physical and intellectual disabilities to compete in the largest amateur multi-sport event in the nation. Athletes, coaches and managers will compete for their provinces and territories representing the sports they have trained tirelessly for. We look forward to the privilege and responsibility of picking up the torch from other provinces that have so successfully executed past Canada Games. You will be inspired by the success of athletes as they rise to the podium. The Canada Games showcase the best of the best in sport and highlight the immense talents of our youth. The Games create a spirit of unity that spans each province and territory. People connect in ways that go beyond the field of play, forming bonds that are deeply rooted in friendship and a collective passion for amateur sport in Canada.

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