Competition Ice Technician

Competition Ice – Ice installed in an arena (non-dedicated curling facility) over an existing ice surface for short term competitive event. Pre-Requisites for the Competition Ice Technician Program to apply. Spaces may be limited, selection based on experience may be required.

Program Delivered By: Curling Canada

Pre-Requisites: One of the following two options:
1. “Certified” Curling Ice Technician Program OR;
2. “Certified” Level 2 (previous levels system) with Safe Sport Education
• 3 years experience working as a Certified Curling Ice Technician
• Resume
• Letter of Interest outlining career aspirations
• Endorsement letter from Member Association

Program Length: Five day in-person training. Training will take place during an install in an arena.

Status at the End of the Workshop: “Trained” Competition Ice Technician
Evaluation: Online Exam
Status after completion of Evaluation: “Certified” Competition Ice Technician

Who should attend: Certified Curling Ice Technicians who want to gain more knowledge for their personal professional development. Certified Curling Ice Technicians who want to get involved in competitive events being held in their province/territory.

Learning Outcomes: Participants of the Competition Ice Technician workshop can expect to learn about:
• Levelling ice and flooding
• Paint/Logo/Line Installation
• Pebbling/Scraping
• Scheduling – equipment delivery, TV Camera installation, volunteers
• Techniques to vary ice conditions to provide optimal speed and curl for the environmental conditions, age/stage/ability/discipline of competitors
• Monitoring and Managing environment with influence from spectators, TV lights and crew, weather, less control over environments
• Rock Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Takedown

Questions about this program should be directed to, including date of next course: Don Powell, Manager of Ice Technician Certification – Curling Canada and