Egg Farmers
Rocks & Rings

Egg Farmers Rocks & Rings ™ presented by Curling Canada is Canada’s acclaimed elementary school program that connects students to the Olympic sport of curling.

Rocks & Rings™ brings curling into schools across Canada with interactive physical education programs and classroom resources. Rocks & Rings™ has reached more than 1.5 million students with engaging physical education programs and online resources.

Using FloorCurl™ custom curling equipment designed for use in gyms, we get students curling right in the school with no ice required. Our in-school programs complement our online program Rocks & Rings In the Classroom, ensuring the fun curling learning never has to end!

Youth Clinics

The Viterra Youth Clinics have been supported by both CURLSASK and Viterra in developing the sport of curling within youth across the province of Saskatchewan. CURLSASK provides hosting grants for these clinics to help the local curling club cover costs of CURLSASK instructors, ice rental, equipment, and any other material needed to help put on a successful clinic for the participants. Team CURLSASK Instructors are available to teach 1 hour to 5 hour clinics at your curling club! Click below for more information on how to get started.


Prairieland Curling Camp Series

Curling IO

CURLSASK’s Prairieland Curling Camp has been a fixture on the Saskatchewan summer scene since 1986.  The Prairieland Curling Camp Series powered by Viterra is poised to return for the 2021-2022 season with a new look – click for more information!

Questions about CURLSASK’s Clinics and Camps?
Please Contact:
Dustin Mikush
Development Coordinator
306.780.9202 ext. 06