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Free Agent Oct. 31 REGISTER
CURLSASK Registration Nov 27 Via the Challenge
SWCT #1 – Regina Callie Oct. 4.6 REGISTER
SWCT #2 – Regina Highland Oct. 25-27 REGISTER
SWCT #3 – Saskatoon Nutana Nov. 1-3 REGISTER
SWCT #4 – Moose Jaw Ford Nov. 29-Dec. 1 REGISTER
Women’s Challenge Dec. 13-15 Nov. 27 REGISTER
Women’s Last Chance Jan. 3-5 Dec. 19 REGISTER

General Information

CURLSASK, in conjunction with Curling Canada provides a Curling I/O on-line registration and payment system.

Any team member can create the team in Curling I/O, but all team members MUST create a profile in Curling I/O.  All team members will be required to read and accept the Event Participation Agreement (waiver). Click here to create a Curling I/O account.

An e-mail address can only be used by one person. Your e-mail address is what identifies you in the Curling I/O database.

Information Required to Register

  • Team name
  • Team line up
  • Method of payment in full (credit card, cheque to be mailed)


  • Centralized database of curlers, compliant with privacy laws and using industry standard encryption, firewalls, and other security measures to protect personal data.


  • Registering your team provides CURLSASK the ability to use and disclose information from individuals for the purpose of providing services or information, managing records, conducting research and sharing information to other curling or sports organizations at the discretion of CURLSASK.

Refund/Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellation prior to the registration deadline – full refund of competition registration fees.
  • Cancellation after the registration deadline – no refund of competition registration fees. Under special circumstances written application for refund can be made to CURLSASK Finance Committee for consideration.
  2. Affiliation
    1. All participants must be player members of CURLSASK. Player Members are defined as persons who are members of CURLSASK Affiliate Member Curling Clubs.
    2. All participants must adhere to the CURLSASK Residency Policies and be Canadian Citizens.
    3. One (1) non-Saskatchewan residing “free agent” will be permitted per team.
    4. Curling Canada’s Birthright Residency policy is in effect for this competition.
    5. Alternates are permitted in this competition as per the CURLSASK alternate policy.
    6. No minimum or maximum age restriction.


  1. Entry
    1. Each team must register its four players prior to the commencement of play.
    2. At the time of entry, the team must declare which one curling club they shall be representing for this competition.
    3. All coaches must complete the Respect in Sport on-line training program prior to being granted coaching status.
    4. Coaches must be a minimum Competition Coach Certified at all levels of this provincial competition.
    5. At Nationals he/she must be Competition-Development Certified in the sport of curling to be recognized.


Registration Fees

The CURLSASK registration fee for this competition is $240.00 (GST included) per team plus a Curling Canada Participant Fee of $48.00 per player payable at the time of entry.



For any teams wishing to qualify for a direct berth and ensure all their points count, they need to be registered for CTRS points and  SWCT Points via playdowns by November 27, 2019 @ noon.

Viterra Women’s Challenge: November 27, 2019 12:00 PM (NOON)

Viterra Women’s Last Chance: December 19, 2019 12:00 PM (NOON)




(Please refer to General Rules of Competition #14 for general substitution rules)

Specific substitution rules for this competition are:

  1. For Provincial Qualification Bonspiels, a substitute may come from anywhere in the province but may not be a registered member of a team in the Women’s playdown.
  2. For Provincials, a substitute may come from anywhere in the province, not be a registered member of a team competing in the provincial event but could be from a registered team who has been previously eliminated from the Women’s playdown.


  1. The Provincial will be a twelve (12) team event with teams qualifying declared in the following order:
    1. One (1) Qualifying berth to the SWCT Nutana Direct Champion (must be registered with CURLSASK and CTRS.* Should an unregistered or ineligible team win the Nutana Direct see competitor guide for berth playoff protocol).
    2. One (1) berth will be awarded to the highest ranked registered Sask. team on the SWCT.**
    3. One (1) berth will be awarded to the second highest ranked registered Sask. Team on the SWCT.**
    4. Three (3) berths will be awarded to the highest ranked registered Sask. teams on the CTRS.**
    5. Three (3) Qualifying berths from CURLSASK Challenge Spiel.
    6. Three (3) Qualifying berths from CURLSASK Last Chance Spiel.


**Points will be determined using the December 2, 2019 CTRS points.


Berths must be accepted in this order.  Once a team has been awarded a berth, they will be removed from consideration from the subsequently determined berths. Teams who have secured a berth will not be eligible to enter the Challenge Spiel and Last Chance Spiel.


At the Provincial Championship a twelve (12) Triple Knockout format will be used; the A Event winner, B Event winner and the two finalists of the C Event will advance to the Page System Playoff.


SWCT (Sask Women’s Curling Tour)-


  1. All approved 2019-2020 Women’s SWCT Events up to and including December 2, 2019, will be eligible events to accumulate SWCT points for the 2020 Provincial Championship. For the list of approved events, please visit the website.
  2. Standings will be kept using the CTRS points from the Sask Tour Events.
  3. Calculation of SWCT points will be completed by the SWCT Committee, and will be posted on the website. Any discrepancies should be brought to the SWCT Committee.
  4. If a berth spot is not allocated to a SWCT Berth Bonspiel (ie. no eligible teams qualify for the playoffs of an event), then that spot will be awarded to the Last Chance Provincial Qualifying events.


  1. CTRS (Canadian Team Ranking System) BERTHS
  • All 2019-2020 Women’s CTRS Events up to and including December 2, 2019 will be designated as qualifying events for the 2020 Provincial Championship.
  • Only events approved by Curling Canada are eligible to offer CTRS points. For more information on how points are calculated, eligible events, standings and to register to earn CTRS points, please go to
  • Calculation of CTRS Points is completed by Curling Canada with confirmation by CURLSASK and will be posted on Any discrepancies should be brought to Curling Canada’s and CURLSASK’s attention.




  • It is understood that teams will have to enter and/or qualify for these Point Qualifying Berth Events under the terms and conditions of each respective bonspiel.
  • CTRS registration must be complete by November 1st
  • Competition Fee, including the Curling Canada Fee, must be paid to the CURLSASK Office or through on-line registration, by November 27th @ noon
  • Points will count only if fees and registrations are completed by November 27th @ noon. Registrations received after November 27th will allow the team to accumulate points only from date of registration received.
  • Teams wishing to earn points through the CTRS or SWCT Berths must have three (3) of four registered players. In the event only three of four registered team members compete, the substitute for the bonspiel must:
    • play the position of the indisposed player or lower.
    • not have competed in the same event as a member of another team.



  • In the event of a tie for the final qualifying berth, the Tiebreaker Criteria will be as follows:
    • Highest overall CTRS Points
    • Number of 1st place finishes
    • Number of 2nd place finishes
    • Number of 3rd/4th place finishes
    • Number of 5th to 8th place finishes
    • Head to head record in all events.


  • In the event of any challenge or dispute related to rulings or awarded points, it is understood that the decision of the CURLSASK Competition Committee is final.
  • In the event a registered player(s) is/are replaced throughout the curling season that replaced player(s) may apply to CURLSASK for reinstatement of eligibility in order to re-enter other Provincial berth events with another team. Application must be made in writing (e-mail is sufficient) to CURLSASK Chief Umpire at least 3 days prior to wanting to compete with any other team in a provincial berth event. A player may only request to be reinstated once for the Women’s Playdown Process.


HOST CHAIR: Bob Abel ~ (306) 210-8505 ~ 
LIAISON:  Mitch Minken ~ (306) 741-2452 ~
HEAD UMPIRE: Kevin Glessing ~ (306) 843-7113 ~

Prairie Moon Inn and Suites ~ 103 2nd Ave S, Unity ~ (306) 228-3333
Code: 443 Cut-Off: Nov. 1

Armada Inn Motel ~ Hwy 14, Unity ~ (306) 228-2603

Unity Community Hall 407 – 7 Ave Free for curlers.

Extra tickets available for $15/person.

PROVINCIAL QUALIFIER – Last Chance – Estevan, SK

HOST CHAIR: Pauline Ziehl-Grimsrud ~ (306) 421-9380 ~

LIAISON: Del Jones ~ (306) 529-9303  ~

HEAD UMPIRE: Bernadette McIntyre ~ (306) 530-2350 ~


Days Inn ~ 1305 – 9th St, Estevan ~ $95/night
(306) 634-6456 ~ CODE: Women’s Curling

Western Star ~ 303 Kensignton Ave, Estevan ~ $99/night
(306) 636-9000 ~ CODE: Women’s Curling


Key Contacts:

CurlSask Liaison: TBD

Chairperson: TBD

Team Accommodation:

Social Functions:

Luncheon tickets are provided for curlers. Extra tickets for family and friends are available at registration.

Ticket Information:

Admittance for competitors, members of CurlSask and media will be provided at registration.

Horizon Credit Union Centre
575 2nd Ave West
Box 1240
Melville SK