1. Affiliation
  2. All participants must be player members of CURLSASK. Player Members are defined as persons who are members of CURLSASK Affiliate Member Curling Clubs.
  3. All participants must adhere to the CURLSASK Residency Policy and be Canadian citizens.
  4. At the time of entry, the team must declare which one curling club they shall be representing for this competition.
  5. Age
    1. No age restriction.
    2. Teams comprised of both players who are under the age of 19 at the time of the Provincial, must have a coach or guardian accompany them.
    3. Entry
    4. Each team must register its two players with the Canadian Mixed Doubles Tour by TBD* to be eligible to receive points towards the Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Provincials.*Date may change to be consistent with Curling Canada
    5. All prequalified teams will be contacted by CURLSASK at the points deadline to accept their teams berth to provincials.
    6. One coach will be allowed for each team. Coach must be 21 years of age or older and have a minimum Competition Coach Trained. All coaches must complete the Respect in Sport on-line training program prior to being granted coaching status.
    7. Qualification

Teams must complete the electronic CURLSASK Mixed Doubles Registration Form
by 12 pm January 12, 2022 to be eligible for a provincial qualifying spot.

Register here

Teams will earn spots into the Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Provincial competition based on the following order of criteria:

Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Tour Rankings (SMDTR) (14 berths)

    • The top fourteen (14) eligible teams on the rankings as of January 12th @ 12pm will be awarded berths in the provincial championship; any unclaimed berths will be awarded to the next highest ranked team.
    • SMDTR points are earned in the following manner
      • Every $100 of winnings on tour equals 1 point
      • Non-playoff teams earn 0.25 points per win
    • If a team has only one of their two players participating at an event, that individual can still earn 40% of normal point allocation; these individual points can be added to the points they have earned competing as a team
    • The SMDTR ranking system applies to events both within and outside of Saskatchewan

 CURLSASK U18 Mixed Doubles Championship (not applicable this year )

    • The winning team of the CURLSASK U18 Mixed Doubles Championship will earn a berth in the Mixed Doubles Provincial Championship.
    • Any unclaimed berths will be put back into the SMDTR ranking system


Last Chance Berth Event (4 spots)

    • This will be an open-entry event serving as a last chance qualifier for the provincial championship.
    • All entries will be subject to CURLSASK Registration Fee + bonspiel fee.


  • In the event of a tie for a qualifying berth, the Tiebreaker Criteria will be as follows:
    • Number of 1st place finishes in all events.
    • Number of 2nd place finishes in all events.
    • Number of 3rd/4th place finishes in all events.
    • Number of 5th to 8th place finishes in all events.
    • Head to head record of the teams in all events.

*Partners must have competed together in an event prior to the Provincial Championship (i.e. cannot combine two sets of individual points if they have not competed as partners at least once)

  • Teams are considered entered when a complete line-up and all fees have been received by CURLSASK.
  • Entry Deadline

The entry deadline for the Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Curling Tour Last Chance Berth Event is January 12, 2022 @ 12pm


  1. Alternate/substitute players are not allowed. A team must forfeit any game(s) in which it fails to have both players playing for the entire game.


  1. For the Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Curling Tour Last Chance Berth Event, there will be no maximum number of teams that can enter. The event will have a triple-knock-out draw format.
  2. The Saskatchewan Mixed Doubles Provincial Championship is an 18 team event. The draw is a round robin of 3 pools of 6 teams in each pool. Teams will be seeded into the pools based on a pre-seeded process determined by CURLSASK. After round-robin play, the top 8 teams will qualify for the single knock-out playoffs.  No Tie-breakers will be used, draw shot challenge is used to break tie-breakers.
  3. All games are played under the CURLSASK and Curling Canada rules.
  4. The winning team must continue with its original registered team to represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship. If a team is unable to field their originally registered line-up at the Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship, the runner up team will be declared team Saskatchewan and will then be subject to all applicable playdown procedures.
  5. The winning team will earn the right to represent Saskatchewan at the Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship March 22-27, 2022 in Sudbury, ON. Teams must cover all entry fees and travel/accommodation expenses.

Competiton Dates & Information

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