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Twin Rivers Curling Club 99th Annual Men’s Bonspiel.

Dust off those brooms and polish your sliders because the 99th Annual Men’s Bonspiel is about to hit the ice, promising a perfect blend of friendly banter and competitive edge! This classic event brings together seasoned curlers and newcomers alike for a weekend of icy battles and good-natured camaraderie. As the stones slide and the strategy unfolds, the atmosphere will be charged with the spirit of competition, creating an electric ambiance that’s as exhilarating as the icy clashes themselves. With each end comes the promise of strategic brilliance and maybe a few surprise moves. Whether you’re a veteran skip or a fresh face to the sport, the 99th Men’s Bonspiel is all about the joy of curling, the thrill of the game, and the camaraderie that defines the heart of this beloved tradition. Get ready for a weekend where the ice roaring with the passion of players vying for victory and the sheer enjoyment of the roaring game.


Register today 306-937-2431 or manager@battlefordscurling.com

The event is finished.



Mar 08 - 10 2024


All Day


Twin Rivers Curling Club
623 Carlton Trail #2, North Battleford, SK S9A 4A9, Canada

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