An opportunity to give back to the sport and contribute to CURLSASK and the sport of Curling through the Sport Legacy Fund.

What is the Sport Legacy Fund?
The Sport Legacy Fund has been developed to assist Sask Sport members like CURLSASK develop fundraising programs. This collection of monetary gifts are pooled and invested for the next generation of athletes in Saskatchewan.

Did you know: Individual donations of $120 OR MORE per year are eligible for a 20% top up through the Sport Legacy Fund Donor Incentive Program.

Why should I donate?
Contributions will result in tax savings, but more important, the Legacy Fund provides you with an opportunity to ‘give back’ to the Sport you love. It provides you with the good feeling that you have contributed to ensure that future generations will continue to receive the benefits of participation in a sport that you enjoyed and supported.

Choose which fund you would like your donation directed to:

1) Sport Legacy General Fund

    • General – All CURLSASK Programs

2) Athlete/Team Development Excellence Fund

    • Athlete/Team Development
    • High Performance/Provincial Team Funding
    • Athlete Assistance/Scholarships
    • Junior/U18/Youth Programs
    • Canada Games Team Development

3) Grassroots Curling/Curling Club Development Fund

    • Coaching/Officiating/Ice Tech Development
    • Clinics/Workshops
    • Youth Programs/Summer Camps/U18 & Novice Camps
    • Curling Club support, awards, recognition
    • New programs, initiatives

How do I make a contribution?
There are several options available.

  • Cash Donations – one time, monthly or annual contributions
  • Planned gifts – life insurance, bequests, gift annuities
  • Gifts in Kind – real estate, securities

What is the Donor Incentive Program?
Individual donations of $120 OR MORE per year are eligible for a 20% top up through the Sport Legacy Fund Donor Incentive Program. To qualify for the donor incentive program your donation must be held in trust for a minimum of 5 years.

Description – An additional 20% of the total value of the donation will be contributed by Sask Sport Inc. in the name of the donor. Incentive dollars will be contributed at the time of donation but will be deferred for a period of five years.

Eligible Donations

  • Gifts involving a minimum cash contribution of $10 per month or $120 per year.
  • Gifts naming Sask Sport Inc. and/or member organization as the beneficiary.
  • Lump sum donations, bonds, monthly/annual donations, life insurance, paid-up life insurance policies, interest free loans.

Gifts must be deferred for a minimum period of 5 years or applied to a life insurance policy.
Donors must designate the end-use of the donation. This donation must be made voluntarily without any conditions and with no expectation of return to you (or related parties) as a result of your contribution.
Donations must originate from an individual or family to be eligible.