The Saskatchewan Curling Association (1997) Inc., (the “Association”) is incorporated and operates pursuant to The Non-Profit Corporations Act, 1995, (the “Act”) as amended or replaced from time to time, and in the case of such amendment, any references in these Bylaws shall be read as referring to the amended provisions.


CURLSASK has a number of policies to govern all aspects of our organization including Executive, Finance and Audit, Governance, Strategic Planning, Competition, Volunteer Screening and General Board Policies. If you require a specific policy, please contact us at CURLSASK and we would be pleased to provide you with a copy of the policy.

For your convenience we have made all Competition related policies are available below.

C-01    Competitions Policy – PDF Document

C-02    Competition Attendance Policy – PDF Document

C-03    Athlete Development Policy – PDF Document

C-04    Coaches Development Policy – PDF Document

C-05    Officials Development Policy– PDF Document

C-08    Hosting Grants Policy – PDF Document

C-10    Competition Finance Policy (CC & Non-CC competitions)-Fees, Refunds – PDF Document

C-11    Competitor & Coach Code of Conduct Policy– PDF Document

C-12    Coaching Certification Policy – PDF Document

C-13    Alternate Players Policy– PDF Document

C-14    Residency Policy/Form  – PDF Document

C-15    Transgender Participation Policy – PDF Document

C-16    Future Best Eligibility Policy – PDF Document

C-17    Respect in Sport Policy– PDF Document

C-18    Signage & Advertising Policy – PDF Document

C- 19   Free Agent Residency Policy – PDF Document

C-20 Concussion Protocol– PDF Document

BD-01   Conflict of Interest Policy – PDF Document

BD- 11 Code of Conduct Policy – PDF Document

BD – 16 Appeal Policy – PDF Document

BD- 17 Alternate Dispute Resolution Policy – PDF Document

BD-18 Formal Discipline Complaints Policy – PDF Document