Volunteers play a valuable role in non-profit-organizations. Curling Clubs depend on volunteers to ensure the success of curling events and the operation of their club, whether at the grassroots or the elite level. Here is an opportunity to recognize these individuals by nominating them for a CURLSASK Award. CURLSASK recognizes and awards deserving individuals at the Annual Awards Evening.

General Criteria for All CURLSASK Awards

  • Each nominee will be/has been a resident of Saskatchewan.
  • Nominations must be submitted or endorsed by an affiliated CURLSASK Curling Club.

How to Nominate Complete the CURLSASK Awards Nomination Form, (PDF file to complete & print) or submit a resume in the format you prefer. Other pertinent information, testimonials, newspaper clippings and a supporting narrative may also accompany the nomination form.

Award Categories


Recognizing outstanding achievements as a Builder, Curler, Media, Coach, Umpire over a lifetime of devotion to this amazing sport!


  • Scotty Richardson Memorial Award
  • Coach of the Year
  • Walter Ortt Volunteer Certificate and Ted Phenix Volunteer of the Year
  • Club of the Year
  • Deanna Rindal Umpire of the Year
  • Ice Tech of the Year
  • Presidents Award

Coach/Instructor/Junior Coordinator Award

The CURLSASK Junior Coordinator/Instructor/Coach Award recognizes the volunteer efforts of individuals who have made notable contributions to their Club and Community through the organization, promotion and teaching of the sport of curling. The 2019 recipient is Dean Kleiter of Saskatoon.

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The Coach/Instructor/Junior Coordinator Award recognizes the contributions of individuals involved in the teaching of the sport of curling. Someone that has undertaken programs for young curlers and has made an outstanding contribution over an extended period to the development and promotion of junior curling leagues and/or programs in their club and community. Recognition of an individual who has made a notable contribution to coaching or has been actively involved in coaching a competitive team in Saskatchewan. Perhaps someone that encompasses all three! (Note: CURLSASK reserves the right to award a maximum of two awards per year.) Must be submitted by MARCH 1 each year to the CURLSASK office.

2018 Shane Kitz – Shane Kitz Resume
2017 No Award
2016 Monica Svendsen – Monica Svendsen Resume
2015 Ken & Bev Dutton – Ken & Bev Dutton Resume
2014 Laurie Burrows – Laurie Burrows Resume
2013 Dwayne Yachiw (Granite CC) – Dwayne Yachiw Resume
2012 Christy Walker (N Battleford – Region 14) – Christy Walker Resume
2011 Nicole Bertsch & Samantha Yachiw (Saskatoon – Region 13) – Nicole Bertsch & Samantha Yachiw Resume
2010 Brian Wempe (Fulda – Region 9) – Brian Wempe Resume
2009 Robert (Bob) Wilkins (Shaunavon – Region 1)
2008 Larry Doetzel (Strasbourg – Region 9)

In 2008 the Junior Coordinator of the Year, Instructor of the Year and Coach of the Year awards were combined to form the Coach/Instructor/Junior Coordinator Award.

2007 Bob Westad (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2006 Tim Baber (Balgonie – Region 05)
2005 Shirley O’Grady (Allan – Region 09)
2004 Ken Bakken (Balgonie – Region 05)
2003 Shirley Strachan (Coronach – Region 02)
2002 Roxanne Jabusch (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2001 Barb Swallow (Maryfield – Region 04)
2000 Cheryl Boechler (Saskatoon – Region 13)
1999 Rene McIvor (Davidson – Region 06)
1998 Murray Sundquist (Watrous – Region 09)
1997 Will Sinclair (Regina – Region 07)
1996 Dave & Jean Simmons (Moose Jaw – Region 06)
1995 Velda Daelick (Lanigan – Region 09)
1993 Colleen Reynolds (Consul – Region 01)
1992 Debbie Aadland (Shaunavon – Region 01)
1991 Elmer Schmidt (Regina – Region 07)
1990 James Skinner (Wilkie – Region 14)

2007 Krista White (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2006 Denise Jabusch (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2005 No Nominations
2004 No Nominations
2003 Keith Beck (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2002 Don Greer (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2001 Debbie Aadland (Shaunavon – Region 01)
2000 Stephen Smith (Gainsborough – Region 04)
1999 Ron Moormann (Goodsoil – Region 14)
1998 Mike Francis (Herbert – Region 02)
1997 Harvey Forner (Regina – Region 07)
1996 Dwight Erickson (Coronach – Region 02)
1996 Donna Ross (Coronach – Region 02)
1995 Jim Orr (Saskatoon – Region 13)
1993 Pat Bibby (Prince Albert – Region 12)
1992 Wayne Bright (Rosetown – Region 08)
1991 Clint McFarlane (Gainsborough – Region 04)
1990 Gary Zimmer (Luseland – Region 08)

2007 Karen Fiala (Blaine Lake – Region 12)
2006 Wayne Surik (Biggar – Region 8)
2005 Bob Miller (Shellbrook – Region 12)
2004 Wayne Marshall (Raymore – Region 09)
2003 Terry Boechler (Saskatoon – Region 13)
2002 Ken Bakken (Balgonie – Region 05)
2001 Kathy Lawless (Maryfield – Region 04)
2000 Roger Anholt (Moose Jaw – Region 06)
1999 Bob Miller (Shellbrook – Region 12)
1998 Linda Miller (Shellbrook – Region 12)
1997 Terri Farough (Saskatoon – Region 13)
1996 Rick Thompson (Maryfield – Region 04)
1995 Dennis Pomeroy (Yorkton – Region 10)
1994 Terry Latham (Wawota – Region 04)
1993 Ron Spencer (Carnduff – Region 04)
1992 Roger Anholt (Moose Jaw – Region 06)
1991 Rae Hebert (Regina – Region 07)

Scotty Richardson Memorial Award

In recognition of the late Scotty Richardson’s contribution as Secretary-Treasurer of the SCA for 20 years, the Scotty Richardson Memorial Award is presented each year to members of the curling community who have made outstanding contributions to the sport of curling.  The 2019 recipient is Del Jones of Regina.

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Recognizes those members of the curling community who have made an outstanding contribution to the sport of curling for an extended period of time. Every Club has individuals who they depend on to do everything from chairing an annual bonspiel committee to promoting the Club! Someone who has served on the Board for many years, spearheaded fundraising or has developed programs to encourage participation. Someone who has gone above and beyond to promote the sport and volunteered their time tirelessly year after year. (Note: CURLSASK reserves the right to award a maximum of two awards per year.) Must be submitted by MARCH 1 each year to the CURLSASK office.)


Ivie (Scotty) Richardson helped guide the Saskatchewan Curling Association through 20 burgeoning years in which the membership quadrupled to more than 20,000 registered curlers.  As Secretary-Treasurer, he guided and guarded the association into its most healthy financial state in history.  Scotty became Secretary-Treasurer of the Saskatchewan Curling Association in 1946 and set up its first full-time office in Regina.  He was one of the most highly regarded curling legislators in Canada and was made an Honourary Life Member of the Association and the Dominion Curling Association when he retired in 1966 at age 73.  Despite failing health, Scotty continued to show great interest in the game he helped foster up to his death in September of 1968.  He assisted the Association in whatever way he could, attended many Provincial playdowns and bonspiels and only missed one of 22 Brier finals. In 1969, in recognition of “Scotty’s” outstanding contribution to curling in Saskatchewan, the Saskatchewan Curling Association established the Scotty Richardson Memorial Award.  Each year thereafter, individuals have been recognized for their outstanding contribution to the sport of curling. The following is an excerpt from the SCA Yearbook of 1955/56 written by “Scotty”.  This was his way of thanking all those who assisted with the preparation of the annual Association yearbook.

If you have pleasure in the viewing
The kind of work a man is doing
If you like him and respect him
Tell him now.

Don’t withhold your approbation
Till the parson takes ovation
And he lies with snowy lilies on his brow.
For no matter how you shout it
He will never hear about it
He will never see the teardrops you have shed.

So, if you think some praise is due him
Now’s the time to hand it to him
For he cannot read his tombstone when he’s dead.”

I. “Scotty” Richardson, Secretary

2018      Allan Hoag, Bengough – Allan Hoag Resume
2017      Frank Elberg, Estevan – Frank Elberg Resume
2016     Jerry Shoemaker, Saskatoon – Jerry Shoemaker Resume
2015     Doug Fehr, North Battleford – Doug Fehr Resume
2014     Vern Affeldt, Saskatoon – Vern Affeldt Resume
2013     Ray Robinson, Saskatoon – Ray Robinson Resume
2012     Daniel Steiner, Humboldt – Daniel Steiner Resume
2011     John Fiest, Coleville  – John Fiest Resume
2010     Liane McLean, Regina – Liane McLean Resume
2009     Bob Kolodziejski, Canora
2008     Lloyd Nelson, Humboldt
2008     Clarence “Ike” Buckner, Weyburn
2007     Willie Kosior, Weyburn
2006     Walter Ortt, Grenfell
2005     Jack Adams , Saskatoon
2004     Mickey Chelle, Esterhazy
2003     Wayne Garinger, Melfort
2002     Carol/Don Christopher, North Battleford
2002     Richard Struble, Crane Valley
2001     Stan Petruic, Avonlea
2000     Ken Rowley, Saskatoon
1999     Bill Gibson, Yorkton
1998     Jack Shand, Saskatoon
1997     Kenneth Elder, Coronach
1996     Gerald Grunert. Yorkton
1995     Lloyd Proctor, Mervin
1994     Jim Driver, Wawota
1993     Jake Krause, North Battleford
1992     Gordon Johnson, Yorkton
1991     Doug Bradford, Regina
1990     Harold Painter, Regina
1989     Irvin Jaeb, Humboldt
1988     Harold Love, Abernethy
1987     Elmer Schmidt, Regina
1986     Mike Schneider, Kronau
1985     Fred Beitz, Yorkton
1984     Albert Hostin, Rockglen
1983     Jack Krauss, Kindersley
1981     Jack Harbottle, Glenavon
1980     Russell Haugen, Govan
1979     Laurie Artiss, Regina
1978     Norm Balderston, Moose Jaw
1977     Roy Thiessen, Moose Jaw
1976     Jim White, Assiniboia
1975     Alex Gilliland, Saskatoon
1974     Gordon Thompson, Prince Albert
1973     Cor. Wouters, Edam
1972     Don Turner, Weyburn
1971     Burd McNeice, Regina
1970     Allan Countryman, Gull Lake
1969     R.N. Anderson, Saskatoon

Walter Ortt Volunteer Recognition Award Certificates

In recognition of Walter Ortt of Grenfell, an avid curling supporter and volunteer for many years, a Walter Ortt Volunteer Award Certificate recognizes the person or persons who work quietly behind the scenes or an active leader of your Club.  Perfect for recognizing multiple volunteers at your Club wind-up!  Nominate multiple volunteers using the same Nomination form.walter-ortt0001

Nominating Club determines the worthiness of the individual(s). A Recognition Certificate will be awarded to each nominee and will be forwarded to the club contact (nominator) for presentation at a suitable Club function.

No Deadline Date.  Nominations accepted at any time. Walter Ortt Volunteer Recognition Award . (PDF file to complete & print)

Club Recognition Awards

100 Year Club Recognition

arcola-curling-club-100-yearsRecognizes curling clubs that have been in existence for 100 Years.  No Deadline date.  No nomination form required.  Send a letter or email along with a brief history of the Curling Club.

Arcola Curling Club – Established 1901
The first rink in Arcola was built in 1901 with a skating rink in the centre and a sheet of curling ice on each side. The current 3-sheet rink in Arcola was built by volunteers and was completed in time for a Boxing Day Bonspiel in 2004. The club recently celebrated the 100 year milestone with the final bonspiel of the season on March 7th at which time the club received their plaque of recognition on behalf of CURLSASK. Among the guests attending, was George Butt, the club’s oldest member, and many young and future curlers. Congratulations!

Arcola Slide

Sutherland Curling Club – Saskatoon – Established 1915
The Sutherland Club recently held its 50th anniversary celebrations of the club in its present location and over 100 years of curling in a Sutherland Curling Club. In 1965 regular curling commenced on 6 sheets of ice with no pillars or posts to block the view of fans behind the glass and continues today. Dennis Smith, CURLSASK’s President for 2015-16, was on hand to make the presentation of the 100 Year plaque of recognition. Congratulations!

Sutherland Slide

Caledonian (Callie) Curling Club, Regina – Established 1915
The Callie Curling Club was the second curling club to be built in Regina way back in 1915. The first was the Regina Curling Club founded in 1889. Prominent in the formation of the new club was Charlie Watson, their first President. Charlie, a former Manitoba curler, succeeded in getting an enterprising citizen to put up a rink and the Regina Caledonian Curling Club was born. The original site of the Callie changed long ago and the Callie we know today is in a completely different location. The Callie Club is presently planning their 100 year celebrations and a plaque of recognition will be presented at the celebration by a representative of CURLSASK. Congratulations! Callie Slide

Legends of Curling Honour Roll - A Legacy of the SCA's 100th Anniversary

The Legends of Curling Honour Roll eternalizes the memory of those who have brought honour and distinction to curling in Saskatchewan.  It is the intention of the Legends Committee to honour the talents of Saskatchewan’s curling athletes and builders of the game as well as outstanding supporters and local legends.  All facets of the Province’s Official Sport are eligible for recognition.

Nominations are accepted at any time throughout the year.  Curling Clubs, individuals or any interested party may forward resumes/nominations to the CURLSASK office.  Submit a nomination in the format you prefer or use the CURLSASK Awards Nomination Form.scahonor

Categories Include:

– Individual Curlers, – Builders, – Coaches, – Officials, – Media, – Sponsors, – Teams


Successful candidates will be recognized for their accomplishments at the CURLSASK Annual Gala Awards Evening and have a plaque of recognition placed on the Legends of Curling “Wall of Honour” at SaskTel Place in Saskatoon.  Visit the Legends of Curling Honour Roll page to view all the inductees!