Curling Rocks for Sale!

2 full sheets of rocks for sale
– Canada Curling Stone rocks
– Located in Martensville, SK, Canada. Will ship anywhere at buyer expense, including international.
– All roughly 41-42lbs with handle.
– No inserts. Running bands do have pits.
– Striking bands *I think* were redone once in the late 90s based on some notes on the wall in the plant room. But can’t confirm for sure.
– Comes with handles (Red and blue)
– Side 1 (handle side) is wide, around 7.5-8mm.
– Side 2 (current side) is probably 6.5-7mm but I haven’t blueprinted in a little bit. 2 years ago I widened to 6.0 to get them running good.
– They’ve been as fast as 15.5 sec/5.5-6 feet in the past two seasons, on average 14.5-15 seconds. Generally regarded as running really good by tour players considering no inserts.  Replaced with new mainly as we had two sets of CCS and 2 sets of Kay’s, which both types had different characteristics once the initial sharpening wore off. Performance wise nothing wrong with them.
Asking $3k/sheet or $5k for both sets. Open to offers. Can offer free advice post-purchase for anyone wanting to sharpen these to keep the running band width in check while getting the best performance out of them (non inserts widen faster).
We also have a sheet and a bit of old Kay’s non-inserted rocks in similar condition we are selling individually for anyone who wants decoration stones.
ANyone interested can contact James from the Martensville Curling Club at