U20 Mixed Doubles Provincial Championship Recap

U20 Mixed Doubles Provincial Recap

The 2024 U20 Mixed Doubles Provincials took place on February 29 – March 3, 2024 at the Lumsden Curling Club. 11 teams took the ice in hopes of becoming the 2024 U20 Mixed Doubles Provincial Champions


Johnson/Drewitz: Chloe Johnston, Matthew Drewitz, coach Orlo Drewitz

Ladouceur/Park: Kya Ladouceur, Tanner Park, coach Marty Ladouceur – Callie Curling Club

Leusink/Jeffries: Brayden Leusink, Brylee Jeffries, coach David Miller – Callie Curling Club

Pomedli/Heistad: Jenna Pomedli, Brayden Heistad, coach Dwight Pomedli – Nutana Curling Club

Remeshylo/Derksen: Melissa Remeshylo, Dylan Derksen, coach Scott Remeshylo – Martensville Curling Club

Rugg/Parenteau: Carter Parenteau, Hannah Rugg, coach Garnet Zummack – Highland Curling Club

Silversides/Sawicki: Tesa Silversides, Logan Sawicki, coach Carla Sawicki – Highland Curling Club

Simpson/Derksen: Shawna Simpson, Tyler Derksen, coach Brad Kennedy – Martnesville Curling Club

Tessier/Silversides: Jared Tessier, Mya Silversides, coach Nicole Silversides

Todd/Helmeczi: Andra Todd, Ryder Helmeczi, coach Tarryl Todd – Moose Jaw Curling Club

Toogood/Lacell: Jacob Toogood, Claudia Lacell, coach Garret Springer – Lumsden Curling Club

The event was a triple knockout event with 4 teams qualifying for playoffs. One from the A event, one from the B event, and two from the C event. Team Johnson/Drewitz went undefeated to win the A event and secure their spot in the playoffs. Team Pomedli Heistad defeated team Tessier/Silversides in the B final. It was team Simpson/Derksen and Team Tessier/Silversides who came out of the C event.

In the playoff round Team Johnston/Drewitz and Team Pomedli/Heistad won their respective semi-finals and met in the final where it was Team Pomedli/Heistad who won 8-3. This is a back-to-back weekend provincial wins for Jenna Pomedli and Brayden Heistad as they won the Pharmasave U20 Men’s and Women’s Provincial Champions with their U20 fours teams the previous weekend. Congratulations to all the teams who competed at this event!