2024 Club Provincials Recap

The Men’s and Women’s Curling Club Championships are where club curlers get to take the next steps in their curling careers. Teams who attended the provincial Championship will compete for their chance to represent Saskatchewan in the coveted Green Jacket!

The 2024 CURLSASK Club Provincials took place on February 15-18, 2024, at the Callie Curling Club in Regina, SK with the winners going on to represent team SK at the 2024 Club National Championships at the end of this year in Barrie, Ontario.

Men’s Team Rosters:

Team Bibby: skip Brad Bibby, third Robin Shillington, second Justin Hurl, lead Scott Sokulski – Prince Albert Curling Centre

Team Bryden: skip Kyle Bryden, third Ryan Halwas, second Adam Despins, lead Ryan Bryden – Callie Curling Club

Team Clark: skip Dean Clark, third John Aston, second Chris Hebert, lead Cory Hubick – Highland Curling Club

Team Clarke: skip Mark Clarke, third Ray Jones, second Curtis Bayerald, lead Lyndon Holm – Nutana Curling Club

Team Deis: skip Kalin Deis, third Royce Lodoen, second Tyson Dirk, lead Kalon Ternes – Fox Valley Curling Club

Team Douglas: skip Ryan Douglas, third John Shurniak, second Kyle Fink, lead Nathan Gordon – Yorkton Curling Club

Team Duczek: skip Joseph Duczek, third Greyden Louison, second Michael Gillespie, lead Ayden Whittmire – Callie Curling Club

Team Fedak: skip Garrett Fedak, third Kaden Fedak, second Nathan Zuchkan, lead Josh Mayor – Foam Lake Curling Club

Team Fell: skip Lloyd Fell, third Rob Bakken, second Curtis Bowker, lead Keith Schell – Unity Curling Club

Team Gaudreau: skip Aaron Gaudreau, third Jason Schlacter, second Neil gossner, lead Tom Johnson – Humboldt Curling Club

Team Gillies: skip Darcy Holderness, third Scott Stulberg, second Scott Polowyk, lead Derek Gillies – Callie Curling Club

Team Goeres: skip Brent Goeres, third Byron Moffatt, second Matt Krupski, lead Ian Goeres – Highland Curling Club

Team Henry: skip Jordan Henry, third Matt Mann, second Jody Ritthaler, lead Tyler Harrison – Prince Albert Curling Club

Team Keating: skip Kris Keating, third Jake Ripplinger, second Brandon Leippi, lead Justin Sidloski – Kronau Curling Club

Team Knutson: skip Kevin Knutson, third Tyson Williamson, second Lyndon Knutson, lead Cory Bjornson – Callie Curling Club

Team McCusker: skip Rory McCusker, third Taylor Robinson, second David Haines, lead Kyle Mosiman – Callie Curling Club

Team Myers: skip Brandon Myers, third Jared Gudereit, second Blake Hoffman, lead Andrew Myers – Balgonie Curling Club

Team Obst: skip Sheldon Obst, third Jason Obst, second Brad Hannan, lead Paul Plosz – Callie Curling Club

Team Schmirler: skip David Schmirler, third David Kraichy, second Drew Wudrick, lead Patrick Schwartz, coaches Aimee Schmirler – Nutana Curling Clun

Team Schon: skip Chris Schon, third Stan Barnsley, second Barry Silk, lead Shawn Kobylansky – Moose Jaw Curling Centre

Team Shutra: skip Aaron Shutra, third Justin Heather, second Trevor Woiden, lead Stephen McDonald – Nutana Curling Club

Team Skjerdal: skip Ryan Skjerdal, third Andrew Mcmillan, second Clare Johnson, lead Tanner Wallin – Weyburn Curling Club

Team St John: skip Jesse St John, third Carl deConinck Smith, second Troy Ching, lead Tyler Ritchie – Kindersley Curling Club

Team Vollman: skip Shane Vollman, third Kevin Fetsch, second Garry Janz, lead Bob Sonder – Highland Curling Club

Team Woloschuk: skip Dustin Woloschuk, third Tyler Krupski, second Jordan Gottinger, lead Spencer Ellis – Highland Curling Club


Women’s Team Rosters:

Team Bibby: skip Patricia Bibby, third Jaime Smith-Windsor, second Melanie Heleta, lead Donna Campbell – Prince Albert Curling Club

Team Frolek: skip Kristi Frolek, third Nicole Beausoleil, second Christy Walker, lead Carey Hirschfeld – Twin Rivers Curling Center

Team Jameson: skip Haylee Jameson, third Callan Hamon, second Maria Leippi, lead Richelle Buchanan – Callie Curling Club

Team Kenaschuk: skip Patty Kenaschuk, third Jacalyn MacMurchy, second Lynne Kusisto, lead Brooklyn Hall – Callie Curling Club

Team Redlick: skip Ellen Redlick, third Leigh Dick, second Hanna Anderson, lead Amanda Torrance – Nutana Curling Club

Team Regush: skip Cassidy Regush, third Tegan Zankl, second Mackenzie Schwartz, lead Kelly Kay

Team Robson: skip Elaine Robson, third Candace Newkirk, second Becca Venn, lead Sheri Logan – Moose Jaw Curling Centre

Team Swiderski: skip Jacquie Swiderski, third Avis Halcro, second Marje Deschambeault, lead Kathy Mounce – Prince Albert Curling Club

Team Yachiw-Omelian: skip Samantha Yachiw-Omelian, third Kim Osemlak, second Amanda Bell, lead Renae Sotnikow – Sutherland Curling Club

Team Zunti: skip Chelsey Zunti, third Alyssa Kostyk, second Cathlia Ward, lead Jenna Evans – Nutana Curling Club


The men’s event was a 26-team triple knockout with 8 teams qualifying for playoffs. Team McCusker and Team Obst came out of the A event, Team Shutra and Team Vollman came out of the B event, and Team Goeres, Team St John, Team Woloschuk, and Team Clarke came out of the C Event.

In the playoff Round, it was Team Shutra and Team Goers who won 2 games on Championship Sunday to secure a spot in the final game. Ultimately, it was Team Shutra who claimed the 6-2 victory!

On the women’s side, it was a 10-team triple knockout format with one qualifier from the A event, one from the B event, and two from the C event. It was Team Yachiw-Omelian who won 3 straight games to qualify for playoffs out of the A event. Joining them was team Regush from the B event, and teams Robson and Jameson from the C event.

In the playoffs, it was Team Yachiw-Omelian and Team Regush who won the semi-finals and booked their ticket to the final game. In the final, it was a great battle from both teams, but ultimately Team Yachiw-Omelien secured their undefeated championship victory in a 7-6 extra-end win!

Congratulations to all the teams who participated and the Callie Curling Club on hosting a great event!