2024 Mixed Doubles Provincials Recap


The 2024 Mixed Doubles Provincials took place in Swift Current, SK on February 15-18, 2024. 19 teams hit the ice with hopes of wearing the Green Jacket at the 2024 Canadian Mixed Doubles Curling Championship at the Aitken University Centre at the University of New Brunswick and the Capital Winter Club in Fredericton, NB.


Team Rosters:

Barber/Heidt: Brett Barber, Mitch Heidt – Kerrobert Curling Club

Bukurak/Bukurak: Stephanie Bukurak, Adam Bukurak – Callie Curling Club

Englot/Schneider: Michelle Englot, Derek Schneider – Highland Curling Club

Gamble/Kalthoff: Christie Gamble, Dustin Kalthoff – Nutana Curling Club

Grabarczyk/Schlechter: Ryan Grabarczyk, Raechel Schlechter – Callie Curling Club

Hoag/Bryden: Chantel Hoag, Josh Bryden – Callie Curling Club

Ingram/Tenetuik: Alison Ingram, Cole Tenetuik – Twin Rivers Curling Club

Johnson/Sutherland: Madison Johnson, Cody Sutherland – Nutana Curling Club

Just/Gareau: Sherry Just, Chad Gareau – Prince Albert Curling Club

Kennedy/Field: Kya Kennedy, Landon Field – Sutherland Curling Club

Kessel/Ede: Elizabeth Kessel, Logan Ede – Balgonie Curling Club

Kleiter/Kleiter: Madison Kleiter, Rylan Kleiter, coach Dean Kleiter – Nutana Curling Club

Martin/Laycock: Nancy Martin, Steve Laycock – Martensville Curling Club

Montgomery/Mutlow: Amber Montgomery, Daniel Mutlow – Moose Jaw Curling Centre

Springer/Springer: Jill Springer, Garret Springer – Highland Curling Club

Thibault/Ross: Aryn Thibault, Brendan Ross – Swift Current Curling Club

Todd/Cherpin: Steph Todd, Kyle Cherpin – Callie Curling Club

Todd/Helmeczi: Andra Todd, Ryder Helmeczi, coach Tarryl Todd – Moose Jaw Curling Centre

Todd/Jones: Tessa Todd, Ethan Jones, coach Chad Jones – Swift Current Curling Club



Watch the Final Game!  



This event was a triple knockout event with 2 qualifiers out of the A event, 2 qualifiers out of the B event, and 2 qualifiers out of the C event. The qualifiers who came out of the A event would get a spot in the semi-final, while the B and C event winners would play off in the quarter-finals.


Team Martin/Laycock and Team Springer/Springer qualified out of the A event, Team Barber/Heidt and Team Gamble/Laycock qualified out of the B event, and Team Kleiter/Kleiter and Bukurak/Bukurak.


In the playoffs, team Gamble/Laycock defeated the Bukurak siblings 12-3 in the quarter-final, then went on to defeat team Springer/Springer 6-3 in the semi-final and faced a strong team Martin/Laycock in the final. It came down to the final rock but ultimately team Gamble/Kalthoff stole the win in the 8th end to defeat Steve Laycock and Nancy Martin 8-5.



Congratulations to Christie Gamble and Dustin Kalthoff from the Nutana Curling Club on claiming the 2024 Mixed Doubles Provincial Championships!