Curling Canada launches Under-15 RockFest!

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The inaugural Under-15 RockFest event is a pilot project developed by Curling Canada that will provide young curlers a key developmental opportunity and chance to display their curling skills. Starting at the Club level, through to the Regional level, and ending with the National RockFest, the first U15 Canadian RockFest will take place April 5-10, 2021!

“Curling Canada is excited to announce a new event this season for our Under-15 curlers. This age group is critical in our Long-Term Curler Development framework and we want individual athletes to have an opportunity to experience a skill development event that extends their learning both on and off the ice. U15 RockFest Regional and Canadian events will have athletes earn scores on predetermined shots using Curling Canada’s new Singles app that will be launched in September.” -Helen Radford, Manager Youth Curling and NextGen, Curling Canada

Athletes will compete in the U15 Singles format using the Curling Canada Singles app at a Club or Provincial event. Scores on the U15 Singles Leaderboard will determine athlete ranking within their Member Association. In order to qualify for a Regional RockFest event, athletes at the Club or MA preliminary event will have to score a minimum of 10 out of 36 points.

Athletes must be less than 15 years of age on June 30th of the preceding year of the RockFest. For example, an athlete competing at the 2021 Under-15 Canadian RockFest must be less than 15 years of age on June 30, 2020.

U15 Regional RockFest:

  • After athletes have competed in the U15 Singles Skills at their Club or Provincial event, the top athletes from each Member Association (equal number of boys and girls, including those who self-identify) will then advance and compete at one of four U15 Regional RockFest events. Regional RockFests will have approximately 80 U15 Athletes.
  • Four U15 Regional RockFest events will be organized by Curling Canada in coordination with all Member Association’s – West (BC, YK, NT, AB), Prairies (SK, MB), East (NO, ON, NU, QC), Atlantic (NB, PE, NS, NL).
  • The four regional events will be identified as: U15 RockFest West, U15 RockFest Prairies, U15 RockFest East and U15 RockFest Atlantic.
  • Each Regional RockFest event will take place over 2 days
  • All athletes will compete in the U15 Singles event and participate in fun off ice activities.
  • The top 16 athletes (8 boys and 8 girls) from each Regional RockFest event will be invited to attend the U15 Canadian RockFest and represent their Member Association. If an invited athlete is not able to attend the Canadian event, the next athlete in the standings will be invited.


U15 Canadian RockFest

  • The top 16 athletes from each Regional RockFest event will be invited for a total of 64 athletes.
  • All athletes at the U15 Canadian RockFest will compete in both a Singles skills competition and a four-person Mixed Team competition. There is an opportunity for every athlete to win two medals.
  • All athletes will be placed on a four-person Mixed Team with athletes from their region for a total of 4 Mixed Teams per region.
  • The competition will be 5 days (Tuesday – Saturday).
  • The format for the Mixed Team event: 4 pools of 4 teams will play a round robin of 3 games and 1 crossover game. Teams will then be separated into Red/Blue divisions. All athletes will then play a minimum of three playoff games against similar skill level teams.


Date and location of the 2021 Regional Prairie and the Canadian RockFest will be announced at a later date.


For more information on Curling Canada’s U-15 RockFest, please contact: