Curling Canada Board of Governor Nominations


Curling Canada has as its mission to inspire and lead all Canadians, from playground to podium, to make curling a part of their lives in an environment and system that allows them to achieve their personal goals.

We underpin our mission with a foundation of values that include: inclusivity through curling, fairness in play, excellence in performance, authentic stakeholder engagement, genuine fun, and personal growth.

Curling Canada is seeking interested, qualified candidates to join its Board and help lead the organization.

We are committed to building a diverse Board reflective of Canadian society and our curling community. As a result, we encourage people who identify as the following to apply; Individuals who identify as persons with a disability, people from a visible minority group, people who identify as LGBTQ2S+, people who identify as non-binary, individuals who are indigenous.

We are further committed to building a skilled Board, and to this end the Board has developed a Board skills matrix (Appendix A) and a Board skills gap analysis for the upcoming year (Appendix B).

The Board meets eight times a year, and more if required. Most of the meetings are held electronically in the evenings. Traditionally there have been two to three in-person meetings held in different Canadian cities across Canada, typically over a weekend. Governors also receive assignments to serve on one or more Board committees. Currently, there are four standing committees (Governance; Enterprise Risk, Financial and Audit; Human Resources; International). Each Board committee forms its own work plan and meeting schedule.

At Curling Canada’s annual general meeting, to be held in September, 2020, Curling Canada will usher in its Board of Governors for the next term, by way of an election by the members of Curling Canada, namely the provincial and territorial curling associations across Canada.

Our Board consists of 10 Governors. This year, three candidates will be elected to the Board by our Member Associations. Curling Canada’s Bylaws prescribe that the Board must be comprised of no more than 60% of one gender. In 2020, the recommended slate of candidates must include at least one individual who identifies as male.



Persons interested in joining the Curling Canada Board of Governors should complete the attached nomination form, including the schedules, and attach a curriculum vitae. A brief statement should be attached containing: a statement as to why you wish to run for the position of Governor, an outline of your prospective contribution to delivering against the Curling Canada mission, along with your personal objectives as a Governor should you be elected.

Ability to carry on a meaningful conversation in both official languages in Canada is an asset and will be viewed as an additional and equally important competency.

For the 2020-2021 year, our current board’s gap analysis has identified a particular interest in receiving nominations from candidates who demonstrate the following areas of skills and expertise:

  • HR/People Management
  • Risk Management
  • Financial Literacy and Operations Control (finance designation ideal)
  • Transformational Leadership


Governors seeking re-election will be subject to the same scrutiny and submission timelines as external candidates.


A candidate for the Board of Governors may be nominated to seek the position of a full-term Governor, a replacement Governor, or both.

Section VIII (5) of Curling Canada’s bylaws and Subsection 126(1) of the Canada Not-for-Profit Corporations Act, mandate that a Governor must:

  • be at least 18 years old
  • not have been declared incapable under the laws of a Canadian province or territory, or by a court in a jurisdiction outside Canada
  • be an individual (a corporation cannot be a director)
  • not be in bankrupt status.

It is the applicant’s responsibility to ensure and confirm that these criteria are met.

All qualified candidates will be required to obtain and submit clear police and vulnerable sector records.


After submission of the nominating form and required attachments, the Nominations Committee will screen all nominations received to ensure that they meet the minimum qualifications required at law for a director. Nominations will then be reviewed and evaluated against the foundational attributes and qualities that are expected of all Governors, to arrive at a list of candidates who are qualified to be elected to the Board of Governors of Curling Canada.

The Nominations Committee will undergo a further evaluation of qualified candidates to arrive at a recommended list of candidates equal to the number of positions to be elected for the Board of Governors for Curling Canada. This will be called the recommended “slate” of candidates. The recommended slate of candidates will comprise those candidates who the Nominations Committee considers are not only qualified, but who will strengthen Curling Canada’s representation in the particular areas of skills and expertise noted above.

Following these evaluations of the nominations received, the Nominations Committee will present to the Board the recommended slate of candidates and a second list of additional qualified candidates who fulfill requirements for serving on the Board. The Board will be asked to approve the “recommended” list/slate and the second “qualified” list.

Upon such approval, the slate of recommended candidates and the list of qualified candidates will be submitted to the Members on or about September 14, 2020, and no later than seven (7) days prior to the first day of the Annual Meeting. The Members will also have this time to submit any additional nominees for consideration. Any additional qualified nominees will be added to the second qualified list. As permitted by the Act, nominations for candidates, that include their documentation, may be accepted from the floor.


The deadline for nominations is 5 pm (ET), July 24, 2020.

Nominations shall be delivered by email to Katherine Henderson, CEO Curling Canada:

Subject line: Board Nomination, 2020

Curling Canada will confirm receipt of each nomination via email to each candidate. Please ensure you receive this confirmation. Please contact Karen Ryan ( if you have questions.

For an application Form, Key Dates and more, go to: