Canadian Wheelchair Curling Update

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Canadian Wheelchair Championship Format

The predominant objective of an expanded championship is the hope that it will contribute to the recruitment, development and retention of wheelchair curlers in Canada.

Participant numbers have declined in some regions and additional Provincial/Territorial curling club-based initiatives will be required to expand/enhance the wheelchair curling experience in Canada. We realize that simply expanding the Canadian Championship will not be enough on its own and thus the decision to create this pilot project to be further assessed after 3 years (2019, 2020, 2021). Further discussion is required in regard to developing and implementing additional recruitment, development and retention strategies at the MA and club level.


  • 14 teams include Provinces/Territories committed to sending a team;
  • Host team;
  • The top three ranked teams from the previous season;
  • Should another Member Association not listed above in (a), decide to field a team by the September 1st deadline, the invitation to the third ranked team will be withdrawn;
  • Should a Member Association decide not to accept the additional spots in the 14-team event, Curling Canada will assign the entry based on merit supported by relevant


  • Two pools of 7 (six games played);
  • Top three in each pool make the playoffs (no tiebreakers for 3rd place);
  • Top team in each pool get byes to the semi finals;
  • The other 8 non-playoff teams will play a single game for final ranking purpose;
  • The event is 7 days long with Day 1 for pre-competition practice and Day 7 for one round of medal games (plus banquet).


  • Curling Canada will fund 100% of travel to and from the host site for 14 teams of 5
  • Additionally, Curling Canada will provide all 14 teams with an event subsidy of $1,000 per team.
  • Teams are fully responsible for their own hotel rooms and must stay at the host hotel to be able to play in the

Statement of Principle

“the Canadian Wheelchair Championship is intended to provide a national championship experience for individuals who are unable to deliver a curling stone from the hack or with a delivery stick from a standing position. Individuals who participate in stick curling or are capable of delivering with a stick from a standing position are not eligible to participate in the Canadian Wheelchair Curling Championship.”

Saskatchewan to Host 2021 Championship

Moose Jaw is rapidly becoming a hotbed for national-level curling in Canada, with another Canadian championship now slated to be hosted by the Friendly City. Curling Canada announced that the 2021 Wheelchair Nationals will take place at the Moose Jaw Ford Curling Centre Mar. 21-27, 2021. As a benefit of hosting this championship, Saskatchewan will earn the right to send two teams to the nationals!

Residency Exemptions

A Provincial / Territorial Member Association, unable to field a team of a minimum of four (4) athletes representing both genders at the Canadian Wheelchair Championship due to a player shortage, may request a residency exemption.

The Member Association with a player shortage may contact any other Member Association requesting a replacement player from their jurisdiction to a maximum of one (1) player. The replacement player may have participated in their own provincial / territorial wheelchair playdown process and still be available for selection to another jurisdiction. An active player of the wheelchair 5-member national team is ineligible to be a replacement player.

The Member Association considering the request may:

  • refuse the request without prejudice; or,
  • agree to the request by providing a pool of players available for

Any player selected must be fully eligible to compete in the Canadian Wheelchair Championship as per Curling Canada’s current residency and eligibility rules.

Any selected player will sign the participation agreement for the Canadian Wheelchair Championship and will be considered a full member of the Member Association provincial / territorial championship team making the request.

There will be a two (2) consecutive year limit for this exemption request by any Member Association. There is an expectation that each Member Association will recruit and develop sufficient players of both genders to field a full 4-person team. If the Member Association is still short a player in the third consecutive year, they will be required to request a special exemption from Curling Canada.

The Member Associations involved will complete the request for exemption form and submit to Curling Canada for final approval