Coaches: The race to 20!

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Did you know that you are required to maintain Professional Development (PD) Points every five years to maintain your Coaching Certification status? This is only required for certified coaches.

CURLSASK projects the number of Non-Renewed status coaches by year:

  • 7 Coaches are presently in a “non-renewed” status
  • 10 coaches will become non-renewed in Jan of 2020
  • 138 Coaches will become non-renewed in Jan of 2021
  • 10 Coaches will become non-renewed in Jan of 2022
  • 15 Coaches will become non-renewed in Jan of 2023

If you are Competition Coach Certified you are required 20 PD points within five years of your certification.

If you are a Competition Development Coach Certified you are required 30 PD Points within five years of your certification?

Five ways to collect PD Points?

  1. Active Coaching
  2. Self-Reporting
  3. Sport specific training (workshops, seminars and webinars)
  4. NCCP Multisport training opportunities
  5. Continued training.

1. Active Coaching

Have you coached this year?Click hereto log in to The Locker to complete the Active Coaching Declaration and earn one PD point. Click on “self-report” under “certification”. Don’t forget to come back next year and declare again! Up to 5 PD points per cycle may be recorded under this process.

2. Self-Reporting PD

Coaches are the best people to identify their learning needs and interests. You can self-direct your learning and declare up to 3 PD points per maintenance cycle.

Have you completed extra learning opportunities this year?Click hereto log in to The Locker to complete the self-reported PD declaration. Click on “self-report” under “certification”.

3. Sport Specific Training

CURLSASK Training Opportunities

The CURLSASK Webinar Series is intended to spread knowledge to CURLSASK athletes and coaches on various topics. Sessions are led by Director of High Performance, Pat Simmons.

Certified Coaches will receive one (1) Professional Development Credit towards their NCCP Maintenance of Certification. Register here:

Other Member Association Opportunities

4. NCCP Training Opportunities

Coaches Association of Saskatchewan

Typically, 3 PD points are available at each CAS session. Up to date training can be found here:

Please note these courses are being held online for the time being – please check back in the fall for more in person opportunities

Coaching Association of Canada

  • Log into the locker (using your NCCP Number & password)
  • Go to eLearning and select from the following online courses:
Course Cost Time PD
Coach Initiation in Sport $15.00 1 hour 1 Point
Coaching Athletes with a Disability $15.00 1 hour 1 Point
NCCP Emergency Action Plan $15.00 15 minutes 1 Point
NCCP Sport Nutrition $15.00 1 hour 5 Points
Making Head Way Free 1 hour 5 Points
Making Ethical Decisions $85.00 1 hour 1 Point

5. Continued Education

Pursing your Competition Development Certification is a great way to maintain PD points, in fact over 30PD points are available. In person courses are presently on hold. Keep an eye on or reach out to

Example Pathway for Competition Coach PD

Active Coaching (1 point for 5 years of coaching) 5 PD Points
Self-Directed Learning (IE: First Aid Course) 3 PD Points
Four CURLSASK Webinars 4 PD Points
NCCP Making Head Way Webinar 4 PD Points
NCCP Sport Nutrition Webinar 5 PD Points
22 Points

Still have questions? Please contact Pat Simmons @