Team SK Final Blog ~ Canadian Junior Curling Championships

Team SK Women

We cheered on Saskatchewan in the Men’s Semi Final. The boys put it all out there and made some fantastic shots, we wanted the win for them… we are all so proud of them!

Today we played in the Mixed Doubles competition. Ashley, Rachel and Mary were teamed up with Northern Ontario and Paige played with Quebec. James was the coach for two teams ?/? and ?/?. We played at various times throughout the day, leaving each family with some spare time to do some sight seeing. The Thevenot and Erickson families headed down to White Rock Pier along with fish and chips at Moby Dick’s and the Engels checked out Fort Langley, both were the worth the drive!

Rachel, Paige and Mary lost their first game… single knock out so we cheered Ashley and her team mate, Chase on with their games. They have won all three so far and play again tomorrow at 9 am in the quarter final.

The evening was fun at the rink and back at the hotel. It was nice to have the opportunity to mingle with other players.

This morning Ashley continued to compete in the mixed doubles competition but fell short in the quarter final. The rest of our day was pretty slack as it consisted of cheering on teams in the Women’s and Men’s finals!
The team had the chance to tour one of the TSN busses which was so cool! Amazing to see the work that goes into live games. Thanks TSN for supporting junior curling, the exposure is so motivating to complete at an elite level.
We ended our final night in Fort Langley with a team supper including our men’s team and all our family who made the trek!

Team SK Men

After a long 11 days in Langley, we ended up with a bronze medal after losing to NFLD in the semi final. Not the result we were looking for, however, we are extremely grateful for given the opportunity to represent this great province of Saskatchewan once again. We would like to thank Curling Canada and the township of Langley for putting on and hosting such a great event. We would also like to thank the ice makers that put in countless hours to prepare the great ice that we curled on. Finally we would like everyone for the endless support that we experienced the past few weeks from our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friend’s and especially Pat Simmons who spent the entire draw helping us here in Langley.

And of course there is Coach Dean who has guided and lead us through our junior curling career the past 10 years. We would not be where we are today without Dean and his knowledge and his love for the sport of curling. We thank you for this Coach Dean.

As our junior careers end , other careers will start. All in!