Team SK Blog #3 ~ Canadian Junior Curling Championships

Team SK Women

We had an early game this morning against the Northwest Territories at the Langley Curling Centre and pulled off a win! We are currently sitting at 4-0.

We were excited to have the remainder of the day off and check out some of the sites. We drove west with our families and explored Capilano Suspension Bridge Park. The walk across the bridge was intense (more so for some than others) and the park itself was amazing. We crossed the rushing rapids over to the beautiful boardwalks and bridges that led us through the tree tops of the enormous Maples and Douglas Firs. We also took the tunnel which led us to the cantilevered walkway along the granite cliff!

We feel ready to for tomorrow, and will wrap up the round robin with a 9 am game against Newfoundland/Labrador and a 7 pm game against Ontario.

Team SK Men

Day 3 started with a good rest as we did not play Team BC until 2 pm. After lunch at the parents HQ we came out on top against Team BC. It was a great game curled by both teams. It came down to a short run back that Rylan stuck for 2 and secured a 6-3 victory. We then had a team dinner, back to the hotel for a rest them had two late night practices. Then back to the hotel for next day mission planning them bed. Big day tomorrow with two games against NWT and NFLD.