Team SK Blog #1 ~ Canadian Junior Curling Championships

Day 1 ~ #CJCC2020

Thursday was travel day for the Team Sask men’s to Langley BC. The trip began with delayed flights in Saskatoon and Calgary due to the frigid weather. We missed our connection flight in Calgary which forced us to take a much later flight to Abbotsford. After staffing issues with the airline were resolved, we finally landed in Abbotsford BC at 1:30 am.

We picked up our rental vehicle and finally arrived at the LAngley hotel at 2:15 am. We were supposed to practice Friday 9:00 am. Curling Canada helped us out and changed our practice to 5:00 pm on Friday. On Friday, the team rested up, ate, then went shopping for food.

The boys had a great practice. The curling club and arena look fantastic. The ice is great. Curling Canada hosted the team and coaches meetings then all of the players and coaches enjoyed pizza at the players ice breaker. It’s time for our team debrief for tomorrow and it’s bed time.