Playoff Picture Starting To Unfold at Junior Provincial Championships

Women’s Playoff Teams Confirmed; Order Still To Be Determined

With the 8-team round robin format at this years championship, we will see the standard four team page playoff system hit the ice when playoff time comes around. On the junior women’s side, we will know the top four teams who will compete for those green jackets, with the order of those teams still waiting to be determined once the final women’s draw concludes tomorrow morning.

We just may get a little sneak peak of the 1 vs. 2 playoff game tomorrow morning, as Ashley Thevenot (6-0) will take on last years runner up Skylar Ackerman (5-1) in their final round robin game! Ackerman will look to disrupt Thevenots undefeated run thus far, as Skylar and team are coming off five straight wins since dropping their opener to Krystal Englot by a score of 8-3.

The final two playoff teams will be Madison Kleiter & Krystal Englot who are both sitting at 4-2. But each team could take a jump up the leader board with a win & an Ackerman loss, which would bring all three teams to that two loss mark, thus relying on head to head wins & Last Stone Draw (LSD) measurements to determine the final standings.

*Stay tuned with the scores/results page for updated playoff times!

Skip Madison Kleiter & Third Sarah Hoag (Photo Courtesy Kelly Faber/Saskatoon).

Team Sutherland Second James Hom (left), Third Landon Field (center) & Lead Jack Reid (right) (Photo Courtesy Kelly Faber/Saskatoon).

Two Tiebreakers Needed to Determine Final Men’s Playoff Berth; Kleiter/Pomedli To Play in 1 vs. 2 Page Playoff Game

We had a first place showdown this evening on the men’s side here at the Sutherland Curling Club. Defending champions Rylan Kleiter were looking to keep the undefeated streak alive against the second place Cody Sutherland, who was coming into tonights draw sitting at 5-1. After Kleiter & team took an early deuce in the third, they stole three straight single point ends, sitting comfortable up three coming home and taking the 5-2 decision. With Sutherland’s loss, he now finishes at 5-2 and will play the waiting game in tiebreaker game #2.

As for the rest of the games taking place, an interesting situation ended with some excitement for a handful of teams. First off, with Team Pomedli’s win over Gavin Steckler as well as their Draw 1 win over Sutherland, gave them second place over the Sutherland squad, earning a spot into the 1 vs. 2 page playoff game.

Next, we skipped over to the Bernath & Gervais game on sheet 3, where Bernath was in a “win and your in” situation, but unfortunately dropped a 10-2 final against Brecklin Gervais. And finally over on sheet four, Matthew Drewitz looked to play spoiler for Josh Bryden, who needed a win & a loss from both Bernath & Steckler to keep them in the running. So after all is said & done, we have the final playoff games leading into Tuesday:

1 vs. 2 Page Playoff ~ Kleiter vs. Pomedli
3 vs. 4 Page Playoff ~ Sutherland vs. TBD
Tiebreaker #1 ~ Bernath vs. TBD
Tiebreaker #2 ~ Bryden vs. Steckler

*Stay tuned to the scores/results page for updated playoff times!


Good Luck & Good Curling To All Teams Heading Into The Playoffs!