Team SK Final Blog ~ Canadian Curling Club Championships

Team SK Women

“What was your record?”


“Not well. Numbers. Cut and dry numbers. What was your record?”

“4 – 2”

“That’s a good record. We were 2-4.”

You mean TeamSaskhad a better record than Glenn Howard this weekend?!?


Talking to Glenn Howardand his teamabout sums up how exciting this week’s experience has been. Not only did we get to rub shoulders with curling’s elite we got to witness how the TV magic happens. Our team was chosen for the TSN truck tour meaning we got a behind the scenes play-by-play of the portable broadcast booth. We even got to choose a few of the camera screens shown onTVincluding a sweeping instant replay-because we all appreciate a good sweep.

From partying in the patch with some of curling’s greatest to meeting new friends, TeamSaskwants to thank everyone who made this event a success. Friends, family, husbands, grandmas,mother-in-laws, aunties the list goes on. We were truly surrounded by a sea of green;including all the export-Saskatchewan-iteswho popped in to cheer us on!

Although we fell short of our ultimate goal, we are grateful for the opportunity to represent our province. We could not be more proud to have put on the green jacket and give it our all! Overall, some of our favorite people this week were the officials. They truly give up so much time and without them the event would not happen. We were honored to shake the hands of these great people-they are certainly special.

Thank you so much to our peers. You were all amazingcompetitorsto be around and we had so much fun getting to know you all. They didn’t mind putting up with us either I guess! From giving our “biggest-little fan” a Team Yukon jersey, to voting our leadCalliBenko and Vice Jade Bloor for the sportsmanship awards, thank you.

#GirlPower! Shout out to the Leduc Curling Club’s fantastic ice maker for great playing conditions. The ice was second to none and truly a treat to play on. To the host committee, the Leduc Curling Club and all its volunteers-from drivers to timers-thank you. We recognize that there are a lot of moving parts to make a successful event so to all the people behind the scenes we know you arethere,and we appreciateall ofyour hard work.

Curling is one of the greatest sports and we are grateful we get to call it ours! Until next time Saskatchewan (insert wink face).

Me and My House by Jade Bloor

I remember me and my house

Teeth chattering

In both anxiety and cold

Standing in procession like nervous soldiers before battle

A battle of etiquette,focus and control.

A battle of the self and the team.

And I remember me and my house



And granite colliding.

A team of four. A team. Connected.

Standing united in all conditions,

Together, a team, proving the impossible.

Against physics.

And I remember me and my house.

“Yes, Hurry!”

Voices cracking, brooms scratching and hearts pounding

Cold air chapping our warm faces

Flush with the effort of 100 ft. of force,

Laughing at the grunts of strain as we slide back to our house.

Our home.


I remember me andourhouse

Deep breaths,

Cool moist air massaging our lungs as I try to slow my heart.

Control. Control. Calm.

Deep breaths of calm as my slider scratches the ice

Pebble breaking, heart pounding.

Heart pounding.


Ohand I remember me andourhouse



Holding our breath-

Muscles pounding, forwards,back-sweeping,

Gliding, watching, screaming “Yes, no! quick! Room HARD!”

Like time itself has stopped-we watch-

Tick, hit, roll-sweep, sweep, sweep


The clock erupts. The house collides

And the team stares. Staring.Staring.

We did it.

We did it.


Never alone in our house.