Team SK Blog #4 ~ Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

Daily Blog #4

We squeaked in!!! It was a big day for us yesterday and we were able to squeeze Into the Championship Pool. We have a tough schedule ahead of us with 5-1 NB this afternoon and 6-0 Quebec this evening. Team Sask is up for the challenge. Continually getting stronger every game.
So, when I say I’m old and bald and outta shape here’s what I’m talking about. (See picture)
The team got quite a chuckle about just how bald myself and the skipper are. What sucks for me is I’m a borderline legal midget so everyone can see my monkey bum. Meach on the other hand is one chromosome off a character you’d find in the movie planet of the apes and when your that tall no one can see your bald spot.
We’ve nick named the skipper Lertch (Adams family) cause my god there are so many striking resemblances.

Just heading to the rink here shortly, it’s time to put our fame faces on and pick up a few more wins.

Again thanks for all the support back home. We are having a blast here as a team and are working hard to represent Sask proudly.