Team SK Blog #3 ~ Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

Daily Blog #3

Well, we have made our own bed so she’s time to lie in it. By that I mean, we lost a couple games early on and now we are in a position where we have to win everything from here on out. The good news is…we are finally starting to iron out the kinks and play some real nice curling.
Big battle this morning vs. Ontario.
We were down 3-1 and the break and wiggled our way back to a 6-5 extra end win. That was huge and we feel like we have some momentum now.
So to celebrate…straight out for a healthy nutritional snack.
Funny story.
So. We were playing Colleen Jones and team Nova Scotia yesterday. They literally slept in and we’re late for the game. They completely missed their pregame practice and made it just in time to run out and Colleen pushed a rock to the other end for the draw to the button for hammer. And she puts it on the lid. I kid you not.
So, in the mixed format…it’s the combination distance of 2 draw shots from a guy and a girl. So they got the maximum 6 feet for the other draw they were unable to throw.
So now it’s our turn.
We put one full 4 foot…and then our second draw picks. So we miss the rings and get full 6feet.
So, we lost the hammer to start the game. Kinda embarrassing.
Ah well. We dusted them up on the ice and it gave us a kick start to playing better.
Big game tonight against Alberta, if we win, we qualify for the championship pool and ya gotta be in that pool in order to make the playoffs. So, we’re in a must win situation but we’re all feeling confident with our game now.
Thanks for all the messages, likes, tweets, etc. It’s great feeling the love from all the fans back in the greatest province to curl in.
Cheer hard, we’re about to go to battle!!! We’ll leave it all out on the ice I promise you that!!!