Team SK Blog #2 ~ Canadian Mixed Curling Championship

Daily Blog #2

Hey Sask fans!

Well. Game number one did not go according to plan. Controlled the entire game and blew it in the last couple ends. Put us In a fairly somber mood but that was quickly forgotten once we realized they had a patch. Away we went to drown the sorrows which after a few pops the dancing shoes came out and we were In better spirits.
Anyone every had a Quebec Poutine?
Well I have. Must be the cheese they use but it was unreal. Gotta be the cheese as it takes twice as long to deposit it than it does to consume!!!
Speaking of diets…I’m old and balding and outta shape so I can get away with being seen eating poutine. Not my teammates though. They put on this act that we gotta eat nutritional and clean but then guess what I find….

That’s right. My roommate and his late night snack before bed. He claimed it was just a small amount of dad tax from his kids Halloween but I’m starting to wonder if he’s got a wee bit of a sweet tooth.

Alrighty. Back to some serious business. The curling. Our second game was better and we happened to sneak out a win. Now I realize a win is a win but we definitely have some more work to do. I’m thinking the fact of not throwing together as a team at all before coming has resurfaced some rust that needs to be ironed out. But I’ll tel ya what, we’re working hard to get team Sask clicking on all cylinders as we have some big games/opponents coming up in the next couple days.

The ice is fantastic, the facility is gorgeous and we are just truly grateful we have the opportunity to don the green jacket and proudly represent our province. We will continue to work our tails off to continually improve as the week goes on with hopes of getting Saskatchewan to the playoffs.