Team Anderson & Fans Final Blog ~ 2019 World Senior Women's Champions!!

Dag Atte (Day 8): Well it’s big game day today! Semi final against Scotland at 9am. Must hit the rink early because there are lots of fans and not as many good seats. Plunked ourselves in the middle of enemy territory and waited for the girls. They have songs, a lot of songs, chants and cheers. I find them all annoying. That’s because they aren’t ours, I’m sure if they were I’d love them. I’m also ticked that people have tripods, rookie rookie mistake. Disappointing. The game started slow …. girls weren’t sharp, didn’t have hammer and pretty wide open for the first few ends and not a lot of points being generated. On Sherry’s last shot in 6, had a shot for four, and her sweepers made it for her. You ask Sherry and she said she was already thinking they were going to be two down and not in ideal spot because she thought for sure she was on the guard. It was a huge 4 and sealed it for the girls. In the final at 2pm, the girls faced Denmark. It would be fair to say that our team never played as well as they could for any full game, thankfully they saved that for the final. Sure we got some misses, winners always do, but the girls came out hot. Denmark never had a chance to get in the game and the misses we had were late and no doubt hard to keep the concentration and momentum. Hand shakes after 6 and the girls are once again World Champions! There is no extra life in senior curling, and once the girls get to a play-off position, whether at provincials, nationals or world’s, it has been win and move on or lose and done. Since coming together 4 years ago, their playoff record is an amazing 20-1 with their only loss coming to Colleen Jones and Team Nova Scotia in the girls first year together, in the Canadian final. It’s absolutely incredible the run they are on, and one would be hard pressed to find another team that has ever played or is currently playing with a winning percentage of 95% in elimination games. After closing ceremonies we headed to the store to get some celebratory drinks….however no liquor sales now until Monday! I don’t think the girls are aware of this! Sad days! Need to shower and head to the banquet! Have an awesome weekend all and congrats again Team Canada! ~ Kathy & Team * Photos Courtesy Alina Pavlyuchik/WCF