Team Anderson & Fans Blog #7 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag Syv (Day Seven):

Day off today so that means sleep in! However our Swedish roommates above us were practicing for their Riverdance auditions so we were up earlier than one would have hoped!

The girls practiced for 20 minutes at 9:40 and then we picked them up at the hotel. Filled the vehicle with gas and pleasantly surprised it was only $100 CDN. Having said that, we have only traveled 97km but that’s not the point!

Headed on E39 North to Skudeneshavn in the traditional district of Haugaland. Hopped on our first ferry ride and then drove through some farmland and along the coast.

Went over a bunch of bridges and a few tunnels. One of the tunnels was long as hell and even had a roundabout! Crazy!

Killed a few hours then back to Stavanger, girls grabbed their stuff from the hotel, to the grocery store and then back to the house.

Barry, Spencer and I made the girls supper and then we headed to the rink to watch the Canadian Senior men and the Canadian mixed doubles teams in the quarter finals, and both were victorious.

In the senior women’s earlier in the day the Swiss beat Sweden in one quarter final and the Scots beat the USA in the other senior women’s semi final this evening. We think we get the Von Trappe sisters tomorrow in the semi but will know for sure in a couple hours…..we know now! Girls will not play the sound of music but rather the Scots!

Waiting on a couple Senior men’s quarter finals to finish and then the girls have a quick meeting and a 20 minute practice.

There are three games left of the ice, and could feasibly be the slowest play off games ever. Great idea to not have time clocks for the seniors, STUPID. Regardless we shall watch these finish and then back to the house.

Big day tomorrow … semi final at 9am and final at 2pm followed by the banquet.

There are a lot of Swiss and Scotland fans and our cowbells are being drowned by their chants and songs. It’s horseshit. I’m going to pull some of my
Ringette cheers out and put them to shame.

Please note the pictures do have different scenery even though my clothing remains exactly the same. I would just like to let people know I had to fly stand by so just have carry on

Happy weekend all, you’re almost there!

~ Kathy & Team