Team Anderson & Fans Blog #6 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag Seks (Day 6):

Well it was go time today in Stavanger. Girls didn’t play until 4pm so we had some time to kill. Just a note to anyone doing bathroom Reno’s, I suggest not going with the corner shower unit as seen in the attached picture. I was re-enacting scenes from the Matrix just attempting to shave, simply put, we need more room.

Went toodling around Stavanger on a tunnel tour for a couple hours. Hit some tunnels, narrow ass bridges and then found a really cool place that made homemade protein bars.

Home to make some roadies and off to the rink.

Playing the US women at 4pm and it was a rematch of last year’s final. We came out hot and played well the first half. Second half we had some misses, but we got some misses from the US right back and got the W. It was a big win because had we lost, would have been a 3 way tie with Sweden and the US. Having said that, our draw to the button was better than the other two, so we think we still would have got the bye. But by getting the W, we controlled our own destiny.

We had a drink at the club after and then headed to supper. The prices in Norway are RIDICULOUS! It makes Sweden look like Mexico! I had a burger, fries and a coke for supper and it was $70 Canadian. No wonder everyone is so thin here, as they can only afford to drink water and suck the salt off the tops of crackers.

We dropped the girls off at the hotel and back to our place. The girls have practice tomorrow at 9:40am for 20 minutes and then a team meeting at 8pm. We will tour again tomorrow during the day, will cook the girls supper tomorrow and watch the men in the quarter final at 6pm. Girls don’t play until 9am on Saturday. I will live stream the semi final however it will be at 1am SK time.

We have to fill the tank tomorrow, but not sure if any “plasma for pay” places available here so looking at putting some garden hoses into Norberg’s tank and siphoning Team Sweden’s gas.
If my burger was $70, I don’t even want to think about what the cost of filling the tank will be! We talked about walking to the rink, and then we laughed and laughed and laughed!

Once again these 4 ladies have represented their country, their province, their cities, club and families with character and class. Games that were not competitive, you would see the girls offering tips and never making anyone feel they shouldn’t be there. They thank everyone around them, and are truly appreciative of where they are, what they have and what they’ve accomplished. They make us proud to be a part of their crazy run at every moment.

Kudos Team Canada, and defending World Senior Champions, on making your way to the semi finals, couldn’t be more proud, and keep rolling!

~ Kathy & Team

Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation

Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation