Team Anderson & Fans Blog #5 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag Fem (Day 5):

Our last 8am game, thank god! Girls took on Hong Kong today. Their skipper was a draw master but the girls stayed patient and pulled out the W. Have a few things to clean up but all in all they are happy with where they are at.

After the game, we packed into the van and went out touring. Headed down E39 South and stopped at pretty much every tourist attraction we could find. The roads are quite narrow in a lot of places – there is the road and then you have room for a q-tip and a toothpick before you hit the edge. I have a tendency to look around when I drive and was told to watch the road several times.

(Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation).

Went for a hike to the Manafossen Falls. It said 400m, so pretty confident that we could do it. However it was quite steep and the 400m was slightly misleading when it is at a 79 degree angle up a mountain with stairs and chains! But the girls went slow, and ensured they had good footing and it was well worth the climb. After my Hawaiian adventure, it was really not a big deal for me

After that we headed to Byrkjedal Kro for lunch and to tour their candle factory.

Went through the Gloppedalsura Geo Park – big ass boulders in a wicked wind tunnel, but cool nonetheless!

Traveled through the edges of the Fjords and then home. Girls grabbed some grape cocktails from the hotel and then to the house. Played a few games of dice, our rules, Sherry’s rules and then Carla’s rules – lots of laughs!

Got the girls back safe to their hotel and pitting in to watch some TV.

We Play the USA tomorrow at 4pm, last round robin game, and a rematch of the final last year. It will determine the positions going into the playoffs. Girls are guaranteed a spot, however a win gives them a bye to the semi final and the day off Friday.

All in all, it was Pretty much a perfect day, and here’s to another tomorrow!

~ Kathy & Team