Team Anderson & Fans Blog #4 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag Fire (Day 4):

Well it was an early start to the morning as the girls faced off against the Aussies at 8am. The girls got 6 in the first end and that pretty much set the tone for the game. Those games are tough on everyone,
the players and the fans!

After the game, we loaded up quick and headed to the harbour to get tickets for the Fjord Cruise. We had packed a lunch for the girls, as we knew it would be a rush, so gobbled that down and got on the boat.

The tour was 3 hours, beautiful scenery. ‘Twas a little rough up on the deck so we bounced between the lower level and the outside deck.

I tried a sour gooseberry beer on the boat, for the going rate of $20. It was like fermented wine, that had rotted again, causing a sharp taste like vinegar with some rhubarb flavouring that burned your nasal passages like horseradish. A must try.

Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation

The cruise was awesome, great scenery. Got back to the harbour and bopped around a bit to the Stavanger Cathedral and to some shops. Had some supper early then to the liquor and grocery store.

Everything has been closed since Thursday so we have been rationing. Yesterday I caught the girls chewing on corks so the refuel couldn’t have come at a better time.

Dropped the girls off, had naps, then back to pick Sherry up to watch Canada and Sweden in the mixed doubles.

All Canadian teams remain unbeaten, pretty cool. However tougher games soon to come.

Tomorrow, 8am versus Hong Kong, curling powerhouse. May our girls not be mesmerized by the bright pink uniforms and the bicycle helmets, and stay focused on the end result.

Signing out from Stavanger!

Happy Tuesday All!

~ Kathy & Team