Team Anderson & Fans Blog #3 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag Tre (Day Three)

Got a good sleep in today and picked the girls up at 11am to do some touring. We went to the Ullandhaug Tower, observation deck, a Botanical Garden and then some spot with 3 big ass swords in the ground…more importantly where they served ice cream!

Along our hike, I stopped a gentleman and asked him to take our picture. He had a camera around his neck and Sherry asked if he was a professional photographer to which he responded he was a semi-professional but his real job was that of a Mental Health nurse. The rest of the day wasn’t as fun without Sherry.

Dropped the girls off at the rink, then went home to throw in laundry and have lunch.

Team Canada lead Anita Silvernagle (Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation).

Patty Hersikorn (left) & Brenda Goertzen (right) (Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation).

Last year I had an issue with the capacity of the washer, this year that is A-OK however it takes 6 hours to dry a mini load. If I were to sit in front of it and blow through a straw it would increase its efficiency by 1000%.

Packed some roadies and back to the rink to watch the closely contested match against Lithuania. The ladies have very nice uniforms.

On a serious note, there have been some issues with the ice. The main technician had a discussion today with the Team Canada coach to see if there was something Anita could take to get her hot flashes in check. They are hoping to get that resolved by the end of round robin.

After the game had a couple beverages and supper at the rink. Sat out on the deck and enjoyed the sunshine.

Now back at the hotel with the girls. I’m sitting in the corner listening to Sherry pronounce names from the player’s guide, and it sounds like a person talking with marbles in their mouth while eating lays potato chips and drinking out of a straw. And now it’s leading into a European history lesson, this is brutal. There isn’t enough vodka in Norway ….

Going to sleep at 4-0 and on top of the standings. Just how we like it.