Team Anderson & Fans Blog #2 ~ World Senior Women's Curling Championship

World Senior Women’s Curling Championship ~ Stavanger, Norway

Dag To (Day Two):

Happy Easter Sunday! Today was a big day, our only two game round robin day. We started our day with some breakfast at the house. No toaster so we made fried bread with peanut butter; it was not good, the peanut butter was horawful, I fear we may have bought some fake peanut spread that they use to lure squirrels from the bird feeders. Thank god Spencer Silvernagle bought jam or it would have been a sad sad morning.

Hit the 7-11 for some hot chocolate and to borrow a couple to go cups. Find it interesting that they have no Easter chocolate displays in the grocery stores, convenience stores, etc. Having said that I haven’t seen anyone wearing tube-top sweatshirts so might be a correlation there.

Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation

Photo Courtesy Jason Bennett/World Curling Federation

Game one at 8am…Finland, three of the ladies were returning from the team last year. Don’t have to worry about remembering their names because the Finnish people just make that shit up every year, no way those names on their shirts are real.

Girls had a solid game and won 9-1. Based out for some lunch and then girls had a nap.

We headed to watch the mixed doubles at 2:30. Canada played the Ukraine. It was not a close match. I shall leave it at that.

Girls played Sweden at 4pm local time. Came out of the gate a little cool, but played a really good game. Both sides made some great shots. Came down to a measure in the extra end, and the girls got the W. Was an important win as Sweden had beat the Americans earlier, and all in the same pool.

We had a drink after the game and then out for supper.

Tomorrow we play Lithuania at 4pm local time; I will not be live streaming that one as the only Olympians from Lithuania are skeet shooters, swimmers and gymnasts. I’m not saying they won’t have a great team, I’m just saying they don’t have a two time gold medalist as their skip. However I will do a live interview after the game.

Dropping the girls back off at the hotel and calling it a night!

Hope you all choked on chocolate mini eggs.